Strange cat: does not like anything but Meowmix

  1. I may get lectured for this so I will reveal at my own risk... but I come from a family that has traditionally spoiled its cats silly... my childhood cats practically ate human food exclusively (whatever we had for dinner, they always wanted to share with us). One was healthy as a horse up until she died at age 18... the other one is now 10 and she lives with me while my folks are out of the country. Neither of them have been or are overweight.

    Anyway, MY cat does not like any food but Meowmix. Not soft cat food, not sandwich meat, not yogurt or milk, not cheese, not bits of chicken, not fish, nothing. I always offer him a little bite of whatever I am eating but he sniffs and walks away.

    Oh, but he does love to eat lint and dust bunnies.

    I find this most unusual! I can't imagine a reason why... anyone else's cat like this?

    I worry about variety in his diet (because you know, food is one of my prime joys in life and I want him to share the wonderful culinary experiences I have), but he seems pretty happy. He's even a little fat.

  2. My cat enjoys meow mix
  3. IntlSet, my cat is exactly the same way, the only food she will eat is Iams dry food, chicken flavored. I've offered her scraps or bits of nice meat and milk hundreds of times and all she wants is her Iams. She won't even touch what I offer her. I've never had an animal that refused the occasional treat either before her. She apparently knows what she likes!
  4. You are not alone! Both of my cats are just like yours (one of them is fat, lol). They refuse to eat any house food, unlike my dog who will eat anything in sight, lol.
  5. My cat will eat wet food and sometimes whines for it, but she will not touch "human food." It's just not her thing. When my mom sees the cat, she tries and tries to get her to eat chicken, etc. But, the cat just leaves it on the floor and walks away. A dog is always happy to come along and take up the offering though...
  6. My dog will only eat dry dog food (and table food if I give it to him) but he looks at wet food and certain types of treats like it's garbage...He hates wet food, it can be expensive, cheap, you name the brand, and he won't touch it.
  7. lol my cat is the exact same, he likes friskies canned food but it has to have the "gravy" lol. one time we ran out and i tried to feed him tuna, he looked at me like i was an idiot!!! he refused to eat the tuna!

    my dog is the same to, we buy the assorted flavored cookies by the bucket but she only likes the green ones. the rest we give to the neighbors dogs who come for cookies every day haha
  8. My dog is exactly like your cat that has passed away. He is spoiled like a king and eats everything that we, humans, eat. He will stand next to the dinner table, rotating b/w seats, whenever we're having a meal. I must admit that he's a lil on the fat side though.

    My cats on the other hand will only eat Eagle Cat dry food and Whiskas' Ocean Fish can food. They mainly eat the dry food, the can food (I know they're not good at all) is only for variation, given like once or twice a week.. and the 10 of them share 1-2 cans max per meal, so it's very small portions for each cat. My cats love the Whiskas though, I can tell! They know it's a treat, coz they're not having it everyday. They'll gather around me as soon as they heard the click of the can being opened. The lil ones are even worse, they'll jump up on me coz they cannot wait, giving me lotsa scratches in the process!
    They'll get diarrhea if I try switching them to another food, even giving other varieties of the Whiskas will also give them this.

    I tried giving them like fish once in a while before, but they won't touch it any longer.

  9. I chuckled reading this bit, trying to imagine your cat giving you the idiot look.

    My dog is just the opposite of my cats. He is not a fussy eater at all, he will eat anything, he has a rubber stomach, LOL!
  10. I think it's good that your cat only wants cat food as human food is not so good for dogs and cats.

    From time to time I will give my cats tiny amounts of yogurt or ham but that is quite rare.
  11. I would not worry about his health- it's okay if their only diet is dry cat food. Actually I think table food is bad for animals- it can cause diabetes and other health problems. My vet told me a diet of only wet food is bad too because it can ruin their teeth. Your long living human food eating kitties might be an exception to that rule. Anyway I do share my food with my cat on occasion but it's not an everyday thing and he only gets a taste. As for sharing your culinary experirences with your must remember that cats lick their own butts...I don't think they have much in the way of taste buds.
  12. LOLOL!!! Hilarious, zoober. :heart:
  13. Both my cats were fed dried cat food from the moment they had teeth. Now both couldn't identify other types of food, e.g. fresh chicken and fish,as food and simply walk away from them.
  14. My cat is the same way! She will only eay Nutro's Max Cat in roasted chicken. As for her treats she will only eat Pounce (chicken flavor). She will not eat anything else; no real chicken, tuna, and no other kind of cat foods/treats. She would probably rather starve to death than eat something else. I adoped her and this is the kind of food she was eating at the pound, so I guess it's just what she is used to. Very strange.