Strange but true...

  1. I know that there was a post about this before, but I just ordered an Alma Voyage MM for my trip to Dubai and the date code is April of 2004. I purchased the bag from Elux about a week ago. It doesn't bother me but I found it to be very interesting.
  2. It doesn't surprise me at all that you have old date code if the pieces aren't HOT sale .Alma Voyage is travel piece and most people don't buy it as often as they buy handbag. I personally think keepall pieces are more popular than Alma Voyage and I am sure if you get keepall, it will have "younger" date code.
  3. Oooh I love the alma voyage - especially the strip around the zipper. It's too bad it's not a more popular piece (very surprising as well !). Anyways, that's true about the pieces that don't sell as well. Was there any patina on the vachetta ?
  4. Congratulations on your new purchase!
  5. Congrats on your alma voyage! I got my epi speedy earlier this year and I think the date code said that bag was made in '04 or '05.
  6. Congrats on the purchase!
    I know what you mean though, I've gotten bags that had been produced the previous year as well (like my first bag, the monogram pochette.)
  7. yup yup I bought a bag in 2005 last year, but the date code was from 2002!!!!!
  8. I Have A Dates From The Year Before Or More (Especially On The Luggage!).

    Congratulations On Your Alma Voyage ~ It's One Exquisite Piece!!!! ...It's Definitely One One I Have Been Admiring For A While! :smile:
  9. Surprisingly, no! The handles were still wrapped in plastic and the leather around the bottom was still extremely light.
  10. Thanks ladies!!!!!
  11. PICTURES PLEASE !!!! I'm curious to see how much it can hold.
  12. I've REALLY got to work on learning how to post pictures. I have enjoyed everyone's posted pictures of all of their beautiful pieces and I'd really like to start contributing some of my photos. That's what this forum is all about, sharing and helping each other out.
  13. What a beautiful purchase!!!!!!!!!
  14. OOOH! Pictures please! and congrats!
  15. What a great piece you picked. I'd love to see pics too!