Strange brown stains on my UGGs?

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I washed my sand UGGs yesterday by hand (under luke-warm tap water), and now there are some strange brown stains on my UGGs. My hands were clean, as was the water. These stains did not come up until they started to dry. They are on the back of my uggs, on the leg part and they seemed to have come from the seam, where the hard heel part is sewed to the leg portion. I don't have any pictures right now, since my camera is still broken...I will try and get some from my camera phone (I need to figure it out) or from someone elses' digital camera.

    Has anybody ever experienced this?? If did you get the stains out, if you were even able to? I have had these UGGs for about 2 years. Do you think if I contacted UGGs directly, they would be able to do something????
  2. are you sure they are washable in water? because when i walked out with my uggs in light rain, they had some of those tiny spots you're talking about too. i just assumed they're from the rain and were stained forever. i'm guessing that they sell a stain/water repellant because the uggs arent supposed to be wet...
  3. good luck, i hope uggs will ship you a free pair!
  4. Yes, they can be washed with water. It states it in the directions that come with the shoes, and I was also recommended to do this when I first got them from an UGGs customer service representative. I also use the stain & water repellant on my UGGs.

    Here are pictures of what the one shoe looks like now:



    My cousin took these this morning while I was at school...They are dry at the time of the photo
  5. Help? ANybody? :sad: