Strange Bidding

  1. OMG!! Did you report to eBay for shill bidding?
  2. I wasn't certain what it was and only realised when these asterisk ppl were the highest bidders on everything I was watching... should I contact fashionphile?
  3. Oh wow thanks for that thread - it seems the bidders who have zero feedback are bidding on many lv items, many times. Sounds like trouble to me.
  4. That does seem very very suspect.
  5. Yeah, I found a bunch of those and wondered the same thing. No way to tell wether it is shill or not, but it sure looks suspiscious. I think I saw something on the PS board about a new rule coming for anonymus bidders, it must reach a certain amount first.......eBay must be on to them
  6. ugh, bidders like this make me sick
  7. I just bought a mj bag and it was very frustrating with this new system-no way to check anyone out-no way to see if the bidding is suspect-are these people bidding on all her stuff to drive up the price? I do not trust eBay to check out all the auctions-the only way was for buyers to catch it and turn it in. There is no way to check on anything anymore. I do not like it at all. I feel like I don't have all the info I need.
  8. The winner's name is visible after the auction ends. Also, if the auction is under $200 then all names are visible.
  9. ebay is now hiding bidders names. My friend bid on an auction I was going to bid on and her name looked like that as well. Is that what you mean?

    Or are you talking about the $5 increments?
  10. That is ebay's new way of hiding bidder names to protect people from fake 2nd chance offers. For awhile they had "bidder 1, bidder 2" etc but it encouraged shilling. I don't know if the new way is going to be better or not.
  11. I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but what exactly is Shill Bidding?