Strange Avatar pictures

  1. Why do some tpf's put other peoples pics in their avatar? Like mens pictures or pictures of celebrities? I can see pics of your dog or cat or bags or you, but I don't understand the celeb pics....:confused1:
  2. BHAHA. this is probably aimed at me right??


    i saw step up 2 a couple days ago. and the dood in my avatar is robert hoffman. hes a cutiee (: (hes in step up 2)

    and i liked the movie, so why not??
  3. No, not aimed at anyone. I just don't know who most of the pics are and assume they are tpfer's.
  4. My avatar is a picture of the singer Morrissey. I love him.

    PS: My relationship with my husband in no way interferes with my love for Morrissey. :heart: Moz.
  5. Well I have Derek Jeter on mine because he is my favorite Yankees player and why not put his picutre in there ? I have no pets ,and I am not going to put a picutre of myself in there so I chose one of my favorite athletes , I use a Yankees picutre for my Avatar in all 5 fourms I belong to
  6. Mine is Lou and Andy from Little Britain because I love them. And below is Vicky Pollard, who is just gorgeous. ;)
  7. I don't think celebrity pics are strange at all... I've never seen an avatar that bothered me enough to start a thread about it :shrugs:

    Btw, mine isn't me either. I was looking for something cupcake related and I thought it was cute :p
  8. I was hoping this thread was about strange avatars that you can't figure out.
    Has anyone seen the one that looks like an oyster on its side?
  9. My avatar is pic of Darren McFadden, the greatest running back the University of Arkansas has ever had, and he is a 2 time Heisman runner-up. Dh and I are obsessed with Razorback Football, hence my love for D-Mac!!!!
  10. I'd guess that 98% of the photo avatars are NOT tPFers. It's just a fun spot to post something that reflects you; your favorite celeb, pet, handbag, jewelry, etc. . . .
  11. Mine changes alot...sometimes it's tink, sometimes a doll, sometimes a bag...just whatever I feel like at the moment.
  12. Mine is from the game Chicken Invaders. Silly concept- alien chickens try to conquer earth. It reminds me of being carefree again.
  13. an avatar is a symbol of you so basically whatever you like I think any are strange althoughI have seen some creepy one's I.e Mr Meaty, the it clown and the baby clown lol
  14. avatar is ME...:p
  15. My avatar is myself...but I used to have Sidney Crosby because I luvs him :p :heart: