Straighten me out oh wise ones on this replica crap

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  1. I recently had a conversation with a boutique I go into on occasion regarding their selling of used fake handbags. I was told by an employee 'Oh, I don't remember how, but the way she does it, makes it ok for her to get away with it and not get in trouble". So, I thought "B.S.", but said 'Mmm Hmmm".

    Now, today, I get an email from a different, upscale clothing store that informs me of new arrivals. She said she was getting in chanel, fendi and louis vuitton sunglasses. O.K. then.

    So being the Aries personality that I am, I phone her and present it in a way that I don't want her vendor to have misled her and don't want her to get caught selling illegal items. The convo goes fine and she's not offended or defensive, but she says, "Oh, I don't pass them off as LV or chanel (Um...the email called them that???...but I said nothing) and I'm selling them for very cheap, not for hundreds to make anyone think they're real. My vendor knows they're not and informed me as well and if anyone asks, I tell them, so it's fine." So I tell her about another shop in town that recently got busted selling fake kate spade bags and her response, "I know the owner, she'd never pass them off as real that didn't happen. She knows they're not real so it's ok"

    Ok friends. I don't get it. I must be missing some info. about selling replica's. What's the loop hole that I'm missing that allows seemingly, my entire city, to be under the assumption that the 'way' they're presenting the merchandise makes it ok?
  2. I am eagerly awaiting responses on this one. My guess is it's illegal but it's not pressing enough for anyone to be bothered busting these people. Can't wait to hear what others say.
  3. A replica will not have the lv/gucci logo it will be the same style but without the designer logo.

    a knock off is a copy of the real deal. its illegal to sell.
  4. Ok...thanks^^^ for clairfication on the terminology as I didn't know that either.

    THese are knock offs!!!

    Now....wisdom...bring it. How are they 'being told the way they're doing it makes it ok'?
  5. It doesn't make it okay. It's illegal to sell counterfeit goods of any kind.
  6. They're fake. Report her!!!
  7. i think it's the opposite.

    a replica is what most fake bags are...they have the tags, markings, serial numbers in some cases, etc.

    a knockoff is the target version of a balenciaga. they're just "knocking off" the design, but not branding the product. it's the same way gap or zara knockoff marc jacobs or another high end designer.

    it's illegal to sell replicas, not knockoffs, although these terms are used as the other all of the time.
  8. Actually the correct term is an "inspired" bag. The item was "inspired" by the real bag, so it looks the same, minus the logos and branding.

    And it's hideously ugly.
  9. whatever the terminology....ha!, we all here of course agree they're awful and it's illegal, but...what i want to know is who is telling them that if they word it a certain away that there is a loophole and does anyone have any information on this?

    The impression I've gotten from their mouth is that because of the way they're selling them, it is not illegal...and I want to know more info. on that.
  10. Even if she doesn't represent them as being the real thing, it is still illegal. This is simply a case of someone trying to rationalize illegal behavior.
  11. This is a very informative thread, stores like this totally piss me off! Bottom line, they are cheating the system and fakes are illegal!
  12. Hmm, I don't know, but it seems to me that she's saying as long as she honestly tells her customers that it is not authentic and they know what they are actually getting, she is not cheating them and actually justifies that as ok. *shrugs*
  13. Well, what struck me was that I'd confronted two completely different store owners and both told me that they couldn't get fined...wasn't illegal, etc., if they 'sold them a certain way'.
    Of course, they didn't tell me what that entails. But it opened my eyes to maybe something that vendors were telling store owners that got around the law somehow.
    I don't know. It's just interesting to me... If I was gutsier, I would ask more q's, but I'm not THAT forward.
  14. Agree. I was at an outlet mall yesterday and there was a store selling Fendi, Dior, D&G, Gucci, Prada, etc. but everything was so fake. There's a police dept. office in the same mall and I wonder how they get past that. I'm sorely tempted...:sos:
  15. Oops sorry you're right..thank you for correcting me ..