"Straight leg" (pegged leg) jeans???


Feb 4, 2006
I just don't get it -- do I have to reeducate my eyes -- again?

I think that well cut boot-cut jeans are the most flattering -- I just can't see myself going to those straight leg jeans. Am I about to be "over"?

What do you think of the "new" peg-legs?
Not a fan, they just kind of make me look shorter and fatter. I mean, if I was 6' tall and built like a 12 year old, it'd be hot !
skinny jeans always remind me of my mother in law, who buys tapered jeans, then tapers them MORE! it is just not so good. nice lady, not so good jeans. they also don't balance my frame very well. i have hips. it is what it is. :smile:
hate them....i saw one girl the other day about 6 feet and ninety pounds and she looked great. otherwise they make everyones thighs look huge...
my fourteen year old is convinced they look great, and i don't have the heart to tell her even on her they don't work....
i found this picture from a d&g show:

i don't really like straight leg jeans...i can see them making my thighs looks humongous!