Straight from Prada Psycho's Kitchen!

  1. Any time DH is out of the house for meetings or whatever, I get to cook what *I* want to eat. This was on the menu tonight:

    Sauteed sashimi tuna steak & shrimp with chipolte seasoning, topped with Caesar dressing.

    Steamed broccoli and button mushrooms with roasted garlic/parmesan dressing.

    Garnished with cherry tomato halves and served with the WORLD'S BEST ZINFANDEL: Cosentino The Zin.

    For dessert, two dark chocolate Godiva truffles and a second glass of Zin.


    Yes, it was as good as it looks! :drool:

    2007_0911Image0067.JPG 2007_0911Image0071.JPG
  2. That looks amazing!
  3. Looks delicious -- and I am SO hungry now! Time to leave the office and head home for dinner myself!
  4. Wow, you are good! When I don't have to cook, I usually resort to leftovers, or microwave popcorn or if I am really motivated....frozen
  5. I'll be over in a few minutes!

    WOW, delicious and great presentation too!! I'm submitting this to Top Chef Season 4!
  6. Oh, wow! That looks amazing.:drool: I wanna come over for dinner!
  7. Thanks guys! It's amazing what you can toss together with a little Mrs. Dash and bottled salad dressing. ;)
  8. Oh that looks so delicious :drool:
  9. I keep coming back to this thread. Yum! Was your chipotle seasoning by Mrs. Dash? Did you just saute this on top of the stove? Tuna isn't my favorite (love salmon, though), but maybe the chipotle would spice it up some (pardon the pun) for me.
  10. ^^^Tuna steaks are best sauteed or grilled. If you treat them just like you would a filet mignon and cook the tuna to your preference in steak (medium rare for me), it makes all the difference in the world. Nothing worse than overcooked tuna steak (or steak, period!). I prefer to bake salmon.

    Yes, this was Mrs. Dash chipolte seasoning. I usually dampen the tuna/shrimp to help it the spices stick, then let it marinade 30 minutes or so. Put some olive oil in a fry pan, heat it up seriously hot and sear it. Especially sear the shrimp. The Mrs. Dash seasoning makes a nifty crunchy effect if you sear it.

    Also, make sure to buy sashimi grade tuna steaks, nice and thick. Much like steak, you can get different grades of tuna/salmon as well. I NEVER buy farm raised salmon. It looks so icky pale next to wild salmon.

    I gotta quit coming back to this thread. It makes me so hungry! Well, heck! It's lunch time anyway. FOOD!!!:yahoo:
  11. Thanks for the directions, Prada Psycho! I'm definitely going to give this a try. We usually bake or grill our salmon, but I'll do the stovetop method for your seared tuna recipe.

    I know what you mean about this thread making you hungry. I just had lunch an hour ago, and I'm starving!
  12. Mmmm that picture is making my mouth water sooo badly.

    I don't like tuna either, but like another poster said, I'd definitely try that with salmon!

    Arg need to close thread before I run to the kitchen and eat something.
  13. That looks really delicious! I can hear my stomach grumbling...
  14. ^^ wow! lookss fabulous. some serious good eats!
  15. Oohhh, that looks delish!