Straight From Chanel: Price Increases & Catalogs

  1. I decided to go to the head of the class on my question about catalogs and everyone's questions about the April price increases. Just got off the phone with Chanel's home office. Here's the scoop:

    Catalogs: they do exist but they are out of stock at the moment. If you want one, you need to call the Chanel customer service line (on for your country in about a month and ask for a Brochure or List. This is what Chanel calls their "catalog."

    Price increases: GST is DEFINITELY going up April 1st, so go get yours NOW. I couldn't get a dollar amount, but I'm guessing at least $200 due to its popularity. All lambskin bags are going up. The LEAST any of the classic bags will be is $2000.

    She did the best she could, but Chanel is keeping the actual dollar amount close to the vest, which is why I'm guessing there is so much confusion out there. Basically, we'll all find out on April 1st.

    And the worst news: expect another price increase in the JUMBO flap later this year. Can you believe that? After a $400 price increase already!!

    Don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger. :push:
  2. ok, good news on the "catalogs" :yes: and bad news on the price increases:yucky: , but thanks for all the info!
  3. EEEEEK..Arent their prices high enough???LOL!
  4. r u kidding me???argghhh...
    when will they stop increasing their price!should I suffer myself w/ no food and drink just for chanel!LOL
  5. wow prada, thanks for the heads up :p

    btw, have u cnsidering your name to chanel pyscho? ;)
  6. Boy, if they're outta stock now, they're really gonna be outta stock when all of us tPFers call and request them!!!! Look out CHANEL, here we come! :p

    Thanks for the info., pp.
  7. Thanks for the update on the price increase! I think I better do some major budget plannings to get some more lambskin goodies soooon, very soon..:blink:
  8. Oops- misread a post. Ignore me! :shame:
  9. thanks for the info

    so when you say classics -- you mean none of the flaps (even caviar) will be less that 2000 after april 1?

  10. Aw, is it really nesecarry to increase the prices so often?
    I really want a GST, I'll have to start saving like crazy to get it before April, lol!
  11. That's what I understood her to mean. :crybaby:

    I hope I misunderstood though....
  12. Better shop fast, Rose. April 1st is only a week from Sunday!:wtf:
  13. tks for the info... do you know if the medallion tote be increased in price along w/ the GST
  14. I know right! GST's are so hard to find right now aswell! :yucky:
    BTW, do you have any idea how much GST's are right now in the U.K? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  15. ugghhhh :crybaby: I should've bought my classic flap yesterday at Saks............