Storypatch Blue Jean glam tote or pocket hob

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Storypatch Glam or pocket hobo??

  1. Storypatch Glam Tote Blue Jean

  2. Storypatch pocket hobo blue jean

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which do you prefer? I really love this print.
  2. I'll get the pocket hobo cos I love the 2 small pockets on the front which are useful.....and it's crossbody option.
  3. I just cant get pass the two pocket with the eyes ;)
  4. I LOVE pocket hobos, but in LEATHER. I think busy prints look better on glam totes (casual look) and small accessories like wristlets, so I'd go with the tote... JMO ;)
  5. I'm voting for the glam tote....
  6. I actually love both of these but I love large bags so my vote will be for the tote.
  7. I Agree!So I voted Glam Tote:smile:
  8. I don't like big bags so I voted Pocket Hobo.
  9. I personally love the pocket hobos I have three and they are so comfortable.