Story of your first H bag

  1. Let me start my story:

    I have my first and only Hermes bag abt a year ago (when I was 28). It's a Potiron colour Kelly 32cm Togo leather. It costs about USD5200. I sold my yellow diamond ring and used the funds to buy this Kelly bag. My husband hates this bag because he thinks it's expensive. It's a heavy bag, so sometimes I need his help to carry it for me. I always trade my possessions, and Kelly was also one of my target tradeable item, however, after launching to this forum, I feel that I should keep it and trade my other small jewelry items instead.

    I don't use my Kelly often because it's heavy and not convenient to bring her around to take MTR (train/tube). On average, I use it once per month. As you can see from my other thread, I am looking for a Evelyne bag because it's less expensive and much lighter in weight.

    The reason why I bought Hermes Kelly is that I think it's the icon of Hermes (although Birkin is more popular and stylish), and I think every lady (who can afford) should own the most prestigious branded name goods. For jewelry and watch, should be cartier, tiffany, AP, PP, Piaget and Buccellati; and for shoes, it will be Roger Vivier, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo; and for handbags, it must be Hermes and Judith Leiber. I wonder when I can complete owning all these brand, or it can be never.
  2. Well, congrats on your Kelly, as long as you are using your own money and not sacrificing other important stuff it is alright by my book. But I have learned for big purchases it's better to at least let the DH know beforehand and reach an understanding. Hope he isn't giving you a hard time about it!

    As for other branded stuff, I do want to own at least one of each in my lifetime, but I'm not too crazy about owning them just for the sake of the brand, ya know?

    Let's just concerntrate on what "makes your heart sing", as what other ladies in this forum would say. And Welcome to the forums!

    Oh anyway, I haven't gotten my first Hermes bag yet, but I'm waiting for the dreambag to come along. Currently have an unhealthy obsession with this forum and the H scarves.
  3. Story of my first H bag:-
    I turned down a blue jean clemence kelly at my store, as I really want a Togo kelly, the slouch of clemence leather bothers me alot. I love Sellier Kelly as they are structured, for my lifestyle, the sellier is not suitable, the retourne 32 is a much better fit. I like boxy kellys, boxy birkins.
    Couple months later, I spotted an Indigo Box Kelly on eBay, lovely Hello2703 helped to authenticate it, the rest was history.
    I agree with diamond lover on items, I would get a speedy from LV, a classic flap from Chanel and a Kelly from Hermes :heart::heart: