Story of sold and found bag! Small reveal

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  1. I bought this bag last year. I like this bag very much, but because I did buy few other bags at the same time I decided to let it go. Of course, after while I did regret. Finally, I was able to find this bag again and bought for a second time. For sure, it is very unique Valentino design. It is very light bag which I like a lot.
    Present my new addition to my Valentino family (pictures were borrow from different sites).
    image-3369141386.jpg image-3997205169.jpg
  2. OMG -- that is just so gorgeous! I am so surprised that you describe it as being light! That makes me want it even more! :love: Congrats on re-finding this goodie!
  3. So fierce! Love it-congrats:smile:
  4. Thank you! It is super light and I am talking even lighter than any of my Valentino bags. Also, it is large size, but you can make it smaller by pushing corner inside the same way as Petale tote.
  5. It's a gorgeous bag! I looooooooove it, Congrats!