Story of My New Arrival!

  1. Last week, I walked into Chanel after lunch, and saw the most gorgeous 2.55 in calf leather. It was very different from the regular 2.55, which has a more formal look to it. This beauty was more casual, yet gorgeous. The SA was very nice and showed me all 3 colors available, black, white and dark brown.

    I couldn't decide on the colors, as they were all equally gorgeous. I was very taken with the white one, but knowing that it will 'dirty' easily, I passed on that and concentrated on the black and dark brown instead. As I've just bought new stuff from LV, I told myself that I shouldn't be buying anything till at least next month, so I left with a heavy heart, not knowing if I'll see that beautiful bag again.. :crybaby:

    Well, fast-forward to this week. New week, New MONTH!! :graucho:

    I got down to Chanel today, and the rest is sweet sweet history!:yahoo:

    Meet my newest baby...
    DSC06529.JPG DSC06530.JPG DSC06531.JPG DSC06532.JPG DSC06533.JPG
  2. That is a beautiful bag. Congrats!
  3. Beatiful.:love: Congratulations.:yahoo:

    I have to stop opening these threads. I'm STILL waiting for my Neimans to get the MC totes all the while all of the other boutiques have received them already. It's killing me.:crybaby:
  4. that bag is so hawt! i must have that one!! *drools*
  5. Beautiful....Congrats!
  6. Love it! It's very edgy - the chain looks great on it!
  7. Definitely hot!! lovely! :smile: Congrats!! :drool:
  8. It is beautiful, enjoy your new bag.
  9. That's the Modern Chain Flap bag!! (Not the 2.55). It's gorgeous!!

    May I inquire about price?
  10. It's simply Fabulous!! I want one now. *grin* CONGRATULATIONS! Do I see you smiling from ear to ear?
  11. Yes yes, I'm still smiling from ear to ear!! Can't wait to wear her real soon!
  12. Wow! Congratulations?
    Am I annoying if ask you the price and some other pictures of inside?
  13. I've PMed those enquiring about the price of this baby.. will try and post pics of the interior tomorrow!
  14. LOVE IT!!! Excellent choice.
  15. It's gorgeous! I just received mine as well. After seeing Hikarupanda's MC Flap in Black, it was too hard to resist. They are perfect little day to evening (fun night out) bag with a nice twist/edge to them. Congrats on yours!