Story behind the designs

  1. Dear all
    I am kind of curious about the ideas of PS1 and KA design
    can anyone of PS experts share the info and story?
    I know there are a lot of sites descriping the story of the brand and the designers but what about story of the bag? the idea?
    I love my KA and PS1 and kinda wana know more about them...

  2. Thanks elliespurse. U r a true ps expert! What about keepall? Keepall is the second or updated design of ps1 right? after using ps1 n my ska, I have to say I appreciate aka more then ps1. I really love it.
  3. ^Thanks, I'm trying to remember the story behind the Keep All.. it was released several years after the PS1 satchel, and I think there was an article where the PS designers talked about it..
  4. Thanks elliepurse! the video makes me want a PS1 even more now, but i just purchased 2 mulberry bags :shame: