Story about my DS 225 reissue ~ No WL + No Tax + Old Price !!! **PICS**

  1. After 20+ days, I finally can hold my beautiful dark silver 225 reissue, my very first Chanel. :yahoo:I didn't except to get it sooner than last night, but my DH tried to surprise me as it's our 3rd anniversary today. Anyway, I'm still shock a bit, but got to share my story with this lucky bag I got.

    If you haven't heard from my previous threads, the 225 was initially purchased from Chanel SF on July 28 by phone. (Thanks for mylilsnowy & shmoo88 to locate this 225) My first luck with this 225 was that I didn't have to waitlist at all. I just called the store for the first time & there, I got the bag. :woohoo:

    Second, just like most TPFers, I try to skip the sales tax by buying out of states. For me, there's no Chanel in my province in Canada at all, I won't be charged for that anyway. But I really want to avoid Cdn duty/taxes (10%+14% which is a lot!:hrmm:). So, I decided to ship the bag to my BIL in US first, not directly to Canada, then a friend of my DH can bring me the bag when visiting Canada in August. By saving extra costs, I'm happy to wait a bit longer than usual shipping time. With just paying extra US$25 shipping, I believe this is a great deal to get a Chanel without tax. BUT actually, there're more unexpected good news after that.

    Not until last week, I received a call from by BIL. (He used his US CC to pay the 225 for me/DH) He told me he was charged US$2020 from his CC statement, not US$2175 (US$2150+US$25) as we expected. After he checked the receipt again, he found out the bag was charged with a pre-increase price, US$1995, instead of US$2150 as told by SA on the phone. & the mystical part is - the tag that comes with the bag showed the new price?! Anyway, I am really really happy to take that & not bother to find out why & how this happened?! :whistle:Since last week, I was even more excited & wondering when I would actually get to hold my lucky bag IRL.

    So yesterday, I knew my 225 arrived Canada with my DH's friend (finally). However, he's staying an hour away from where we live. Originally we were planning to visit him one night for dinner this week, then I can pick up my 225. But yesterday afternoon, my DH called me that he had to stay very late at work & won't be back for dinner. :sneaky:I already felt something but I didn't ask because he sounded a bit excited rather than sad (well, I guess no one loves OT). So, my DH really drove 2+ hours back & forth after work, just to pick up the bag for me. By the time he's home was already 10pm. I was so touch. :love:I knew I would spend a lot of time with the bag the rest of the night (or even day after day). So, I gave him lots of kisses before I start opening the package. What an experience for me getting my first Chanel. I love my 225 always & forever! :party:

    Thanks for reading my story. I'm way too excited! & I took lots of photos with any possible shots. Enjoy!:cutesy:

    Some info. about this 225:
    07A A30225Y04373
    Classic Bag with Flap
    DK Silver Color
    9.5' L x 6' H x 2.5' W
    Double straps: 11' drop (25' end-to-end)
    Single strap: 20' drop (42' end-to-end)

  2. Receipt with pre-increase price & post-increase price tag
  3. Show us pics!! She sounds gorgeous!
  4. Dark silver 225 with all attachments
    DS22503.jpg DS22504.jpg DS22505.jpg
  5. Dark silver 225 Solo
    DS22506.jpg DS22507.jpg DS22508.jpg DS22509.jpg
  6. I'm sure many of you are wondering how much this 225 can fit.

    So, here's an example:
    - LV Epi 4cc billfold w/rear coin pocket
    - Cell phone
    - Shiseido SPF Lip Treatment/Lipstick/Eyeshadow
    - Dior Multi-Palette (instead of carrying the Dior case, I can replace it with my Kodak V570 Digital Camera easily)
    DS22510.jpg DS22511.jpg DS22512.jpg DS22513.jpg
  7. At last, some modelling pictures with my 225. Here're two different ways to shorten the chain.
    DS22514.jpg DS22515.jpg
  8. I think I will wear it cross body a lot more. This is a perfect size for me. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. :heart:
    DS22516.jpg DS22517.jpg DS22518.jpg DS22519.jpg DS22520.jpg
  9. gorgeous bag! congrats on your super good luck! your pics are making me want one too
  10. I loved your story. When luck goes your way, you know that bag was meant to be yours. Your DH sounds like an absolute sweetheart. You're truly lucky, ceci.;)

    I love your bag. It's lovely. Enjoy her in good health.
  11. Great bag and awesome story! That IS definitely very lucky! Congrats on your dark silver and your 3rd year anniversary!
  12. WOW!!! :drool: the metallic leather looks so amazing and shimmery :love: Congrats on your first Chanel & glad you picked it up at the lower price! ;)
  13. Woww ... it gorgeous! Love the pics! Congrats on finally getting it!
  14. love the bag on you but your DH rocks!!
  15. GREAT story!!! Congrats on the gorgeous bag and the awesome price!!! Love all the pics too - looks fab on ya!!!