Story about knockoffs on ABC news Monday night

  1. Hi friends. I saw a commercial today here in LA and decided to pass along the info. On Monday (7/16), there is going to be a story on ABC during the 11pm news regarding designer knock-offs and how to spot them.
  2. The knock-offs are all over New York, it's disgusting! I am happy they are doing a story on it. Thanks for posting :smile:
  3. :tup:that will probably be useful information, thanks for letting us know..:tup:
  4. Thanks for letting us know. I'll be sure to watch for it.
  5. I hope some good becomes of it.
  6. Do you mean your local (LA) affiliate, or is it the national ABC news?
  7. The local ABC affiliate. I
  8. The local ABC affiliate. I wonder if the other local stations will run it too.
  9. Thanks can't wait to watch it.
  10. I'm going online to their website, if I am lucky, I'll post a link!
  11. Thanks for the info.
  12. Too bad it's not on dateline NBC or something national...