Story about Hermes on French TV

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  1. I thought that might interest you, TF1 - the equivalent of CBS or NBC -recently aired a story about Hermes.

    It's not easy to find on their web site:

    You have to click on "journaux télévisés" ( anchors picture ) and then 13 novembre and 13 heures.

    I'm sorry I cannot copy a direct link...but the story is worth a bit of work:yes:

    Hope you enjoy it !
  2. Oups , have to add something :

    you have to scroll down the list of titles, and the story is "Hermés le luxe made in France "
  3. would it be possible to post a direct link? I am having trouble finding it.
  4. sorry, impossible to post a direct link, their website is "mal fouttu" as we say in French...a mess...
  5. very interesting- thank you. I wish I spoke French.
  6. Wow, does anyone know if transcripts in English are available?
  7. can anyone here be a dear & translate what are they reporting abt???
  8. That was wonderful!! Thank you! :smile:
  9. Very interesting thank you...
  10. while i only understood few words i still liked looking at how they make the bags thanks for posting
  11. VERY interesting. THank you so much for posting, I loved watching it. ^_^ Everyone should watch it. THIS is IMO the biggest reason to get Hermès and it shows it so well. Preserving the quintessential *french* heritage for the future. Not only their maroquinerie, but also porcelaine (limonges), glassware (from Saint Louis) etc.
  12. thank you for sharing this with us. I don't understand a word of it but enjoyed watching it very much.
  13. Thank you so much. Interesting they showed several trainees learning the craft.
  14. I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing!!