Storm of protest for Madonna!

  1. The Vatican had accused her of blasphemy and provocation for even considering staging the sham crucifixion on its doorstep. In that concert, she wore a fake crown of thorns as she was raised on a glittery cross. She then went on to pepper her 2,5 hour show with more controversial imagery, at one point showing photographs of pope Benedict after those of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
    'Did you know two miracles have taken place in Rome?', she later joked with the crowd. 'Italy won the World Cup and the rain stopped before my show'.

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  2. you know, I respect her as an artist but I think she goes too far sometimes. What if she did something to blashpheme the Dalai Llama? Would that be acceptable?
  3. i started to see her as a loser nowadays...
  4. I love it....she has ALWAYS pushed people's limits and said/done controversial things and I think it's great.
  5. I love basically everything madonna did in the 80's, but now I just see her as a sad, old woman who tries too hard :/ She has a great body and probably work more than I'll ever will, and I have so much respect for that, but as I said, to me it just seems like she's trying to hard :/
  6. She has absolutely no respect for herself or anyone else!!!
  7. Madonna has a ton of respect for freedom of speech. When she sings Live To Tell on the crucifix it is a stunning moment during the concert with a lot of message invoking images being projected on the video screens..............she is a master of self-promotion and for being responsible for the hightest grossing tour this summer:200 million! Not bad for a 48 year old.
  8. Why do groups like the Catholic Church still take her seriously? People freaked out about her Like a Prayer video too a while back.
    She is just going to do things that ruffle feathers and that some will deem tasteless and shocking. I, personally, get her statement and think it's interesting, but I feel like there are bigger problems the Catholic Church can work on than what's going on at Madonna's concert.
  9. It has always seemed obvious to me that Madonna has some very serious issues with the church. I am Catholic , and attended Catholic school. However, that was a zillion years ago . I could tell some stories about those nuns, OMG!!!!!!!!!Prehaps, something happened to her during her school years that caused her to seemingly have such hatred for the church. Whatever pain she has experienced, she must try to seek some inner peace. She is a 48 year old woman, with children, hopefully she will someday be able to come to terms with whatever it is that she can not let go. Really, it is so sad that she needs to go as far as this.I do not believe for her it is about the money. She has more than enough to maintain her lifestyle. This seems to be something really deeply seated. It seems that she cannot let this hatred go. All of her money cannot bring her peace, oh well!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. why did she named her daughter lourdes? and why she insist to baptize her daughter too?
    i'm not a fanatic. i don't really go to churces anymore, and i read books about all religions & beliefs. as much as i don't truly believe in religions, i honor those who believe.
    i think it's plain rude of her to do this.
  11. I think she's gone a bit too far-- especially comparing the pope to a dictator! As far as the crucifiction... some things are meant to be left sacred... but, that's JMO.
  12. Thats my thoughts as well
  13. I completely agree. :yes: Yay for Madonna!!! :yahoo:
  14. I have to say that I never really cared for her or her music.
  15. Madonna will always be "Madonna", but no matter what the argument for or against her... one cannot say that she is not disrespectful.