Storing your unmentionnables

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm currently reorganising my closet and I've come to notice that all my bras are just bundled in the drawer. Impossible to find, potentially damaging for them...

    I once saw a way to store them where they were all nice, flat and visible (think it was Martha Stewart but I can't find the links anymore). Does anyone have any suggestions or stores that sell "organisers"?
    I wouldn't mind ripping out the drawers and putting new ones in.

    Please bear in mind I live in Europe so online stores suggestions that ship to Europe are appreciated :flowers:
  2. I think in Ikea you have compartments organisers for your drawers, like you can put 1bra+panties in each box. Or to hang inside your wardrobe, they are especially made for these : socks-ties-underwear, etc...
  3. i use those hangers that fit loads of ties for my nice bras and stockings a dont want to damage, and have little draw dividers from ikea for tights and other underwear, they are canvas pockets that fit any draw size. they also sell small canvas box things without lids that come in sets of different sizes and fit into drawers.
  4. I use a hanging closet organizer for scarves, underwear, socks. Cost $15.

  5. zip lock bags actually work well for this purpose...
  6. Get empty shoe boxes and cover them with scented liners, try this website to find a location:

    you may also opt the suggested storage compartments from Ikea, for an extra bonus throw in a scented sheet dryer for subtle fragrance.
  7. I store them as the VS stores store them... In the drawers, both bra points facing up, then I layer another on it... etc. Lots of space wasted but, they hold great shape.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll see what I can find at Ikea.