Storing your Tokidoki Bags??

  1. I wanted to know how y'all store your other tokidoki bags that aren't being used. I own a lot of coach bags, but they come with dust covers (they sit and collect dust in my closet). So storing them is no problem. So far I have 9 bags but they are all sitting around on my dresser.
  2. i have 7 rubbermaid plastic tubs that i store my tokidoki bags in. i like them!
  3. I have a huge collection of Coach stuff, but even though they're in dust bags I still put them in a clear Rubbermaid container that goes under my bed. I do the same for my tokidoki bags... I keep them separate in LeSportsac shopping bags, then lay them flat in the Rubbermaid containers that go under my bed. There is nothing under my bed now except for bags and bags and bags...
  4. what you do is stuff em all in a luna hahaha!!!

    i did that for awhile.. now they're in bins too.. the little guys are in ziplock bags in the bins..
  5. I need to buy one of those large clear storage bins!! haven't had time to go get any tho.
  6. i use a tote as well!
    they work the best before i had like 5 bags shoved into a large lesportsac shopping bag they got wrinkled but in the tote they lay nice & flat
  7. I put them in a storage bin I bought from wal-mart, lmfao.
  8. This is such a great thread! I currently have mine stacked on my "bag shelf" in my closet, but they are getting dusty. I am going to go ahead and buy plastic storage bins for them.

    Does anyone know if the fabric could become discolored if left in direct sunlight? That is my only concern--maybe I'll get the opaque ones. I sense a trip to the Container Store!!!!
  9. This huge sterilite container holds every Toki bag and wallet that I own. I keep all my denaros/angioletto/portatelefono inside the container but in a large zippie bag so I can grab them easily.
    Keeps them dustfree and clean and I always know where everything is.
    DSC03070.JPG DSC03071.JPG
  10. Never thought about plastic bins. Like my coaches, they are all in coach dust bags, stuffed into a large coach shopping bag. My toki's so far are all in Lesportsac shopping bags.

    I stuff them all with tissue so it keeps it shape. do you think it's better to have them flat? well i don't have too many bags...just 11.

    Just want to make sure they stay in pristine condition! Protect my investment :tup:

    i'm going to head out to walmart soon to get some TP and plastic storage bins. thanks ladies for all the advice!
  11. I know some of the girls keep the stuffing in their bags. I do not, simply because they would take up way too much room and though I store them flat, I've never had a problem with them keeping their shape.
  12. Hmmm... mine are all hanging up on these hooks behind my door. Makes me want a bin to put them in D: I don't have one, though... and my mom might be like "O_o" if she sees me getting a bin just for my bags. *sigh* Now I'm more concerned about their safety up on those hooks hahah~
  13. I store mine flat as well, no room in my house or closet
  14. I keep them in smaller bins; 3 of them. That way when I need to take one out an there are other people here they only see 1 small bin of bags as oposed to a ginormous one. Of course I have to keep track of wich bag is in each bin:sweatdrop:
  15. also flat