Storing your Hermes bags...

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  1. How do you store your bags?

    My husband and I just bought and are renovating a new apartment in NYC, and the first thing I requested was an uber-special dressing room with a wall of shelves enclosed in glass for my dream come true!

    I've been keeping them in boxes, which dampens the fun of admiring them and choosing which one to wear for the day, or to go out at night.

    I simply can't wait...I've always wanted a dressing room like this! I'm so excitied!! Just a few more months.:yahoo:
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  2. That is a wonderful idea for your bags, enjoy :smile:
  3. He thinks I'm silly that I love to play with my bags just as much as I love to carry them! ha ha ha. Men! What do they know anyway?
  4. Wow, I would love to see pics when it is complete. My DH and I have discussed it too but never went any further
  5. It will be so nice to see your bags and keep the dust off of them. I recommend a lock for the door too.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion - that is probably a really good idea! Although if someone were to break in, they could just smash the glass. Won't happen, though. High-tech of the perks.

    I almost didn't post it...and then I saw some of the other girls posting when their new bags came in, and I thought, if anyone will understand my joy in this, THESE girls will! I've never been a chat room or forum person until tPF! Amazing group of bag afficionados - who all seem very supportive.

    I'll provide some pics when it's done. :smile:
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  7. Lady Emma...that concept sounds terrific!
  8. I just store them on their shelf. My closet has temp control and has a filtering system so that no dust enters, expensive but well worth it.
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  9. Most are in their dustbags on shelves and if they are in need of shape maintenance, then kept on their sides with something stuffed inside (air bags or rolled towels). The littler bags are in dustbags inside the original orange boxes.
  10. Wow, that would be so cool!
  11. OMG, that's what i plan on doing to my new closet as well!! not only does it help keep dust off the nice bags, but it LOOKS nice too to have it glass enclosed. i plan on doing that with my fancier clothes and DH's suits....stuff we don't wear everyday.
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  12. I keep everything back in their boxes after each use. My friend actually has a climate-controlled room for all her Birkins, especially since she has quite a few croc ones but I won't go that far. As long as I keep them clean and organised so I can find them when I want them, I'm happy.
  13. Bagg has the best closets in the world!:yes:
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  14. oh man.......I just shove a wad of crumpled tissue paper inside each bag, stick them inside their orange felt sleeper and put them on the shelf in the armoire. I'm in serious need of a climate controlled, air-conditioned, dust filtrated, glass shelved, chandeliered and area rugged walk-in closet the size of a master bedroom with dual chaise lounges and a well stocked wet-bar.

    oh well.....a girl can dream...............
  15. Baggaholic, your storing room is gorgeous!

    Lady Emma, if you want an absolute expert to build your shelves for your bags, you should contact Baggaholic, she's a real pro!
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