Storing your their boxes???

  1. I am always careful in placing my birkins in their sleepers and positioning them carefully (in an upright position) on my closet shelving. Do you find that storing them in their boxes, on their sides (resting on their pillows) makes much of a difference in retaining their shape and integrity??

    My thanks.
  2. I always store mine in the box, I'm not sure if it helps keep it shape or not
  3. my clemance size 30cm...I put in the dust cover and lay on the pillow in the box since its clemance...but I leave the box top off to let the leather breath...

    but my togo birkin...35cm and my kelly bag... I just leave sitting upright in my closet with the dust cover... per the ideas of the lovely ladies on the forum....I bought white handtowels, washed them..let them airout...then rolled them in my bag for shape.

    one day my goal is to get a Hermes [SIZE=-1]amoire where I can keep them all in there!
  4. What a great idea with the handtowels. I will have to try that. Thanks!
  5. Nope, I just stuff them and store them on the shelf. It's too much work to do the in and out of the box thing. I like them where I can see them.
  6. yes ,I put my kelly and birkin into the box...althought I think that's too trouble.
  7. I *should* keep my Clemence Birkin in it's box, but it's just too much bother since I rotate bags so frequently and I currently don't have the space to store boxes anywhere "convenient" (am building house: Must have Hermes Armoire! Credit Guccigal). Right now I stuff them with white t-shirts and store them upright on a shelf in their dustcovers.....
  8. I have an attic full of boxes - they just take up too much room! But, like Baggs, I like to see my bags so they are sitting on shelves in my closet. Also, because I rotate bags every day, it is much easier to have them accessible. The only bags I keep in sleepers are those not in daily rotation like my box calf mini Kelly.
  9. White towels for stuffing...what a wonderful idea! An H armoire...lovely thought. Thanks so much for your input. I, too, like easy access to my bags for rotation purposes...perhaps I'll even forego the sleepers for the 3 or 4 bags I use most !!

  10. I store most of my bags in their boxes since I rotate only 2-3 bags frequently. I store the bags as if they arrived to me brand-spanking new--the felt protectors in place, clochette/padlock & strap (if any) in their rightful sleepers. It drives me nuts if I DON'T store them this way, but it also drives me nuts when I have to take them out again to stare at or use and put them back inside. I guess I am just nuts either way, eh?
  11. Im sorry for asking, but I dont know what a Hermes amorie, can anyone enlighten me? I do not have any Hermes items, but hope to have one day!
  12. ^^ Just your favorite shelf renamed
  13. ^^^ 24, you are too cute!
  14. Hey, L

    that red Birkin has me mesmerized! Stats please!
  15. LOL, Sue, thanks!

    Baggaholic, thank you! It's the Slut, remember? 30cm Rouge Vif Chevre de Coromandel with silver palladium.