Storing your Bbags safely

  1. This morning, as I sorted through dustbags looking for a particular bag, I saw that a large spider had taken up residence in one of them. Now, I worked at the zoo as a keepers' assistant for years, and I worked with primarily with bats and constrictor snakes, so most creepy crawlies don't freak me out, but I have a real, freeze-in-my-place, unabiding terror of spiders.

    I do not want them to be able to live in my bags or dustbags. However, I live in Washington and our house has plenty of spiders - and tis the season for my arch-enemy, the wolf spider. :push:

    I probably don't need to tell you how much I don't want wolf spiders in my bags. :wtf:

    So, here's the real question - is it safe in the long-term to keep my bags in their dustbags and in a large Tupperware-type sealable container? If not, what would you recommend? I know that leather needs to be able to breathe and I'd rather be able to leave them as they are, on a shelf in their bags, but I really can't deal with them cohabiting with spiders, especially during spider breeding season.

    Thanks so much for any help you can offer...
  2. what about storage containers/boxes made of fabric? That way you can keep the creepy spiders out but your leathers will be able to breathe! Ikea sells some. though not sure if the ones they sell would be a good size for the larger bbags! I keep my lv and other bags in some of them!
  3. I use the plastic containers. I figure, it's not air tight so my bags (lots of LVs, 2 balenciaga, kooba, gucci, juicy, etc.) would be able to breathe. I keep all my leather goods in there and haven't had any problems.