Storing your bags

  1. Hello again!
    Been a while since I posted, just wanted to ask, how do you store all your bags? I've been trying to reorganize my closet and my bag collection has been gradually getting bigger (tokidoki, LAMB, coach) --> just ordered an amore zucca @ pulse and won a LAMB 1st season hella hobo :push:sad:i'm gonnna have to pick up extra shifts to pay off my bag obsession). I was thinking getting one of those big plastic storage containers and just put them all in there.
    Any other suggestions or ideas....?
  2. I've been thinking about the same thing today as well. I need to clean my closet out and also find a storage solution for my Toki bags.

    I'm thinking about getting one or two of those plastic under the bed storage containers to put them in. Since I'm limited on space.
  3. DO NOT store any leather handbags or fabric bags with leather trim in those big storage container. leather needs to breath! That's what the dust bags are for! leather will crack if you leave them in there.

    This should be no problem with Tokidoki tho since they don't have any leather on them keke:wlae:~~

    check this out:
    1 & 2. you can hang the handbags on hangers, one on each side so they don't fall.
    3. Put the dust bag over at the bottom!

    It works really well because you don't have to look for the one you want when you are in a hurry!

    Hope that helps!
    Photo 27.jpg Photo 28.jpg Photo 33.jpg
  4. I store all my coach bags in their dust bags and then in a clear container underneath my bed, minus the lid. I store all my tokidoki bags in an identical container. I keep it under the bed so it doesn't collect dust like it would in the closet.
  5. hm... well all my bags I'm not using regularly are stored in my pirata gioco... which in turn is stored in a regular macy's bag in my storage closet... haha! nothing really special on this end... they're just nylon bags, yeah? :confused1: if it were leather I would be more worried. :shrugs:
  6. Gosh, I need to buy a container too. I think I shall head to walmart this weekend :biggrin:
  7. ha i stuffed my inferno campeggio with all my other tokis :p maybe i should get a container :lol:
  8. I was storing all my bag in my three lunas but it was not working very well. It was hard to find the bag I wanted so I ended up leaving a lot of them out which meant they were all getting really dusty (I live in a dust bowl).

    I found a really neat three tiered storage container. Each tier is a different size so I have my big bags in the bottom, medium bags in the middle and small bags and accessories in the top.
  9. Hmm yeah I need to buy some sort of container. Right now half my bags are in a Macy's shopping bag and the others are still in the USPS boxes from Pulse. Everything is still in the plastic bags tho so that's keeping them clean and dust-free for now.
  10. I do what DreamsofToki mentioned, storing them in the Lunas. I might have to get creative because it is hard to find the one I want without taking them all out.
  11. I have my LV, Balenciaga, Juicy Couture, Chanel, Coach bags in dusters. Sitting on the top of my closet

    My Tokidoki's bags and accessories (which arent to many) are all inside a big brown LV box. on the bottom of my closet
  12. All of mine are hanging in my foyer closet so I can pick and choose to use...or just look at.:drool:
  13. I wonder if these bag will lose their color if you let them sit out too long