Storing Speedies unfolded

  1. I have a 35 and a 40. I didn't think the dustbag would allow it to be stored unfolded but it did!

    P3261262 (Large).JPG P3261263 (Large).JPG P3261264 (Large).JPG P3261265 (Large).JPG P3261267 (Large).JPG
  2. :lol: Great pics! The dustbag that came with my Speedy 25 won't fit it when it's stuffed :suspiciou I use the one that came with my Papillon instead.
  3. ^^ Is it the fold over dustbag? The ones I got for both were the drawstring ones.
  4. that is good to now.
  5. i like the dust bags with the drawstring. the dust bag that came with my vavin PM is way bigger than the one that came with my speedy so i just switched the two.
  6. Boooo.. the speedy I bought has a fold over dustbag, it lives in a pillowcase and I store the dust bag inside the speedy !!
  7. I don't know if you can exchange the dustbag but I think there was a thread earlier about that.....I think somone just asked for one at the store. Maybe you could ask for a drawstring one? At least there's hope....:smile:
  8. Ah it's all good, I wouldn't want to break up my bag and its dust bag's relationship ! :lol: And it's my mom's bag so I'm out, she can do whatever she wants with it !

    When I do figure out what I'm getting while I'm in France, I'll make sure that everything is perfect though !! :biggrin:
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one. My speedy 30 is stuffed and does not fit in it's duatbag, either.
  10. I love the pics, it's like watching the Speedy go in the dustbag by itself!!! :biggrin: I want a drawstring dustbag! My Speedy came with the foldover dustbag.
  11. I have the foldover.. what I do is I put the speedy in the LV shopping bag and lay the dustbag over it. But maybe a pillowcase now that I read some of your comments!
  12. Aww, I love your pictures! It's so animated. It's like watching a comic strip.
  13. My Speedy came in the foldover dustbag too - I've been keeping it wrapped in a bath towel (dry, of course). I actually tuck it in every night. :shame:
  14. I stuff all my bags with old cotton T's. I put the speedy in the spare dustbag of the bag I'm using. So sometimes it sits in a balenciaga dustbag.
  15. BF chants "Bag goes in, bag goes out...." like Homer Simpson. :P
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