Storing Small Leather Goods

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  1. Wondering how people store their wallets, card cases, karos, and other small leather goods....

    Would keeping them in a drawer that is open on the top be okay (like with an elfa drawer from container store)? Or, should this things also be protected like bags....

    Need some ideas because we just bought a different condo and we designing a closet using the elfa products from the container store.
  2. I store them all together in the same drawers and separate with smaller containers inside to make them fit properly. I am not familiar with the container store but I'm sure it's ok put them in there as long as the items can breathe! HTH
  3. I store my small items in their dustbags or boxes in an elfa drawer system. I have a freestanding elfa unit with three mesh drawers and a solid top, and then another mesh drawer that sits on top of it with frequently used items.

    I just went to take a photo and realized I need to go through and send a few things to consignment since I don't have room for my latest H SLG in there!
  4. This is an example. The white shelf is a fixed shelf in my closet, which has a clear front linen storage box on it. Inside that are some Balenciaga bags lying flat and on top are totes that sit upright. Underneath is the freestanding elfa unit with the top drawer pulled out. It's a little bit messy right now actually but this system works well for me.

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  5. Don't have many H SLGs but those I have all live together with my other DB SLGs in the small Muji PP drawers inside their open H box with the H acid free paper folded back underneath so everything is easy to see. It's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle fitting the boxes together to get best use of the space.
  6. My bracelets are in their open boxes, my agendas are lying around my desk and some are stored away in small bags or pouches, depending on what I did with them last. Only my belt is in the closed box due to space issues...
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