Storing Scarves

  1. If this has been brought up before, please accept my apologies.
    How do you store your scarves?
    Do you keep them in the original H boxes - I was taught to never keep scarves folded, but...
    Do you have a drawer for them? A cabinet? A closet?
    Could you post pictures?

    My collection of scarves (including a lot of non-H) is starting to take over my entire lingere chest... I roll them, but... I need a better solution.
  2. I keep them in their orange boxes, stored in my wardrobe.
  3. According to a consultant at a wardrobe organizing company, there are special hangers you can get for scarves that have one side open and are dipped in plastic/rubber, so scarves don't fall off. But, i guess it would also depend on the size of the scarf?
  4. I store them folded in a drawer in my armoire with a lavendar sachet tossed on top of it tomorrow since it's midnight here and I'm ready to hit the sack.
  5. gga, thanks!! Somehow I missed DQ's is fabulous!!
  6. I completely disagree with anything said here...Silk scarves worn close to your body (neck) immediately take the smell of your skin and they smell...muffy. Since it is highly unadvisable to dry clean your scarves too often (I always wash mine by hand with a mild hair shampoo!) the best thing is to air them, put them outside on a cold night , then take them in and hang them in your closet but make sure that they breathe!
  7. With regard to the muffiness - that can be variable - depending on wearing perfume, body lotion,makeup & proximity to cigarettes.

    But, do I understand correctly - you store all scarves on hangers in the closet ? :confused1:

  8. DQ's system is marvelous! Mine is rather low tech.

    I store my scarves in their orange boxes, stacked on shelves at eye level in my dressing area. I take post-it notes, attach them to the box top and fold the edge of the post-it note. On the folded edge, I write the name of the scarf and the colorway. When I look at the stacked boxes, I see all the scarf names and colorways on those folded edges.
  9. ^^^

    OMG!!! Me too MS!..I keep losing the post it's though..they're just not very sticky.....

    I think I need a label maker....
  10. That's a good idea, too, Quinn's Mom!
  11. Put a sticky number (at office stores) on your boxes, put two scarves to a box, and type an index with name and small pic icon that corresponds to the number. You can flip through the index and see all your colors and collection and put your hand on a scarf in a moment.

    You can store the boxes in order of purchase and never be out of order, then take the same list on the computer and sort it alphabetically. Keep the alpha list with the picture icon/number/name list and you can find your scarves quickly by name or by color.
  12. I completely disagree with anything said ^ here......

    Who's said I didn't air my scarves out before I store them away? Who's to say my scarf SA didn't recommend storing them in their boxes, in the acid-free box/tissue?

    And I don't agree with the mild hair shampoo, either.
  13. I keep mine in their Orange boxes, some 2 - 4 to a box because I don't have boxes for all of them. I've labeled the boxes with the names of the scarves & colorways. They're still a bit of a pain to get to because I prefer to actually *see* everything.

    I was thinking of adoping DQ's method (because it's brilliant) or having a scarf drawer installed in my armoire and keeping them all there.

    I've never heard that they shouldn't be kept folded. I mean, at the *H* boutique, or NM/BG, they're all kept folded in the display case :confused1:

    No pics, sorry. Just try to conjure up an image of a stack of Orange boxes sitting on a shelf ;)

  14. I ALWAYS air my scarves out (usually draped over a chair) for a day or so after a wearing, but then they're put back in their boxes. I've been doing this with some of them for over 17 years and they're fine.

    Do you hang yours from regular hangers or do you have a special scarf hanger? Do you keep any moth repellant, like lavender, in your closet?

    I agree that too much drycleaning isn't good -- for ANY garment -- but too much handwashing can also take its toll. I don't really dryclean my scarves anymore. When I lived in NY, I would send them to Tiecrafters once a year to be cleaned. Now I handwash (as needed) with Woolite (would baby shampoo be better?), roll them up in a towel to squeeze out the excess water, and iron on the silk setting while still dampish, and finish off with a bit of Magic Sizing. They look great -- crisp, fresh, no fading or anything.