Storing purses in their boxes whilst moving?

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  1. So I know in general this is a big no-no . We are moving interstate and our stuff will be boxed up and in transit for 3 weeks. Will my purses be ok in their dust bags, in their boxes, which are then boxed themselves? We are in the middle of summer with 40 degree c days (104 f for the Americans). I'm so worried about how they'll cope :sad:
  2. My family completed a similar cross country move a few months ago. I insisted that all of my premier designer bags travel in the car with me (much to my hubbies annoyance :angel:). I just packed bags within bags and then put them all in a single box. For example, small SLG’s went into larger SLG’s which went into clutches, which went into medium bags which went into my larger bags. I tried to be as space conscious as I could and all were kept in their dust bags. I was surprised I got them all in one box to be honest.:giggle: It took a couple of try’s to figure out the right combinations to make the best use the space.

    And I wrote something like ‘junk box’ on the outside to proved a small amount of protection in case anyone tried to treasure hunt in our car...

    Not sure if that’s an option for you, but wanted to let you know how I solved my delima. Good luck!!!:flowers:
  3. plz disregard. Accidental post
  4. I'd try to keep them with me, too. That's a great idea to "Russian doll" them.
  5. Not an option because everything is being sent in a container, including our cars, while we fly over :sad:
  6. Otherwise it's like a week-long drive and I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and also have a 3 year old so not a wise option :sad:
  7. I just had this exact issue. My canvas LV's, leather Chloe, and other leather bags (mostly Coach's) were boxed by me in their original boxes or other appropriately sized boxes in the case of the Coach bags. The movers then packed those boxes while they packed the rest of the house. So everything was effectively double-boxed.

    I was DESPERATELY worried about the heat - we moved to Texas in August! Everything was on the road for about 10 days in an enormous moving van and I'm happy to report it all arrived in perfect condition! Moving the bags in our car with us wasn't an option unfortunately but it worked out just fine.

    Good luck with your move! I hope it isn't too stressful.
  8. Since you're flying, if it were me, I'd have a few I'd put in my suitcase and a few I'd go ahead and pack, and yes in their boxes like you said. Last time i traveled I wanted to bring an extra handbag, so I filled it with my socks and such, and it went in my carry-on.

    But ultimately, everything is replaceable and it's all just stuff. So, you gotta do what you gotta do!
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