Scarves Storing my scarves

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  1. Very cool!

    I just got a book on organizing in hopes of becoming inspired...its didn’t go to well :amuse:until the second to last page when I saw this!:P
    If anyone has an idea where to find these acrylic boxes, please let me know!:flowers:

    Adding, the book is the home edit:flowers:

    Have to add this pic would make a fabulous game!! I spy, with my little eye...;)

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  2. Wow, I wonder if this belongs to a TPFer!
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  3. That is just beautiful to behold!
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  4. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!
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  5. As a 'new' collector (ok, future addict) - I'm loving this thread :biggrin:

    Oddly enough I've always been attracted to the antique map drawers and architect drawers but I've always said to myself 'I don't have a use for it' so I can't buy it. Now, I can totally justify them :biggrin:

    I've also got some serious OCD so thank you for the great ideas about cataloging etc.
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  6. Right on @Kittey-Kat ! :angel:
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  7. I’ve always wanted a map drawer. So glad there is a reason to get one!!:P
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  8. I used to have huge sets of map drawers in the school libraries that I managed. We used them for maps, of course, but also art work and posters. I wish I had one of them now! Although they were so big that I don’t think I could fit one in this tiny house. But then, scarves are so important, aren’t they? Who cares about fitting in a bed or a wardrobe?
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  9. An ex-librarian - what a small world! My mother and many friends are ex-librarians :smile: We too have a small house (with little wall space) so I am always torn with furniture. I do love beautiful old wooden pieces though. The irony of purchasing scarves and therefore requiring map drawers whilst also depleting the map drawer budget is not lost on me :huh:

    I've just discovered your blog - so many similarities with my life so I'm looking forward to perusing it :smile:
  10. I remember the huge shallow drawers that a team in my company used for blueprints. They were all disposed of when everything became computerised. And I had this vision where I'd put two of these blueprint or map drawer sets together, plonk a mattress on top, and ascend a tiny flight of steps each night to sleep atop my treasures. IRL I got married and this remained a dream :rolleyes:
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  11. :lol:That sounds wonderful! Sleeping on top of your scarves!!!:tender:Talk about restorative sleep. :PI could be recharged in no time after sleeping on scarves and maybe a few bags and some SLG....:angel:
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  12. We threw out a wooden Victorian map drawer chest about ten years ago as my son had found his father's saw and taken wedges out the top edge. If only I had known I would develop a passion for scarves. Grrrrrrrrr!
  13. a morning well spent organizing, 18 months and a spreadsheet that makes me blush :shocked: now off to mai tai for some scarf storage options.
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  14. I use divider sell at IKEA to organize my scarves.

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  15. I store mine in their boxes. I label the back of the boxes with a removable label and keep them in alphabetical order. But I have a good memory or the system would not work.