Scarves Storing my scarves

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  1. i've been tweaking this system and finally arrived at something that works JUST the way i need it to. i have to see the buggers in order to pick one, but i also wanted storage materials that wouldn't damage the silk. the solution was archival window envelopes and stiffener boards -- fold the scarf and place it over the stiffener board, insert into an envelope and arrange file-style in a basket. (OK, more than one basket -- but i'm NOT telling how many! )

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. ok......THIS is freaking FABULOUS!!!!!! OMG! I have to do this......I HAVE to do this.

    DQ.....can I rummage through your boxes when I get there in April??????
  3. OH MY GOOD GOD!!!! That is the coolest thing EVER!! DQ - Where did you get the envelopes? Thank you soooo much for sharing your system! That is extremely generous of you!!
  4. WOW, scorpio HEAVEN!!!!! Where do we get these fab envelopes from?
  5. Fabulous!!!!!
  6. I love this too!!!! Please share where you got the envelopes!!!
  7. here ya go -- for the envelopes: METAL EDGE PRODUCTS

    and for the boards (which i got slightly smaller than the envelopes to leave room for the scarf around it): METAL EDGE PRODUCTS

    i've found that soft, vintage scarves really need two boards to fold well, for new scarves one was fine.

    but DON'T place your order online -- shipping costs too much. call up and they calculate actual shipping (i think the website charges a % of the sale amount).

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  8. Genius. Gorgeous!!!
    (I see Passiflores peeking out of there, YAY!)

    Thanks DQ for sharing this.
    Where did the baskets come from, BTW???
  9. walmart!! :roflmfao:

    (cobalt, did you see the purply sketches scarf like your beautiful orange one?)

  10. Bloody IS genius! where do you put all 50 Walmart BASKETS??????
  11. :crybaby: I am scared to go into Walmart.... can one order online?
  12. I think this is a great tip! I love this idea....Thanks DQ
  13. Are they stored alphabetically by designer/scarf name or by year?
  14. Wow that is fabulous DQ!!
  15. I LOVE this idea! Pure genius!!!