Storing Lamb Questions--ground meat storage?

  1. Hi All,

    I have a very finicky dog. Poor guy has had a seizure before and I noticed this has only happened when he has an empty belly. He has pretty rough food allergies and so I have to give him food with limited ingredients. I tried a lot of the other random meats (buffalo, venison) and he was allergic. Suprisingly, lamb has worked out well. I was giving him the stuff in the can and also a version of lamb and rice. He kind of lost interest so what I have started doing is once in a while cooking up some ground lamb and making rice along with it. I am going away for six days and my father is taking care of him. He will eat breakfast for sure (and not skip) if I make him this.
    When you cook ground meat how do you store it?
    Here are my options:
    brown the ground lamb and store in the fridge - how long does this last for?
    brown the ground lamb and store it in small containers in freezer and have the dad microwave it before feeding it to my dog.
    Would you mix the lamb with rice and freeze or just freeze the lamb?
    What do you think is better? I am sorry for all the questions but I really don't eat a whole lot of meat. Since I was a kid so I'm not the best judge in how to handle/store it. I bought some lab friday and he just finished it up today but we're leaving on a saturday and coming back Thurs. I will be cooking this stuff the sat before we go.

  2. I cook for my dog and usually make a big pot of food, and then store in containers that hold one portion for her. You can keep cooked ground meat 3 or 4 days in the refrigerator.

    I do freeze servings as well. I would mix the the lamb & rice together, and freeze it in containers or ziplocs that hold one serving. Your father can put it in the refrigerator the day before he has to use it. If it's not completely thawed when it's time, he can finish in the micro, and let it cool off before he gives it to the dog.

    As an aside, and probably better for Animalicious - but if this is the only food you are giving your dog long term, you should look into adding calcium and some other supplements.
  3. Thanks so much for the info! I am going to have to get those single serve tupperware dishes. Sometimes he is just so stubborn so this is for the days when we can't get him to eat anything not all the time. He's just picky but unfortunately the not eating (skipping breakfast) can lead to seizure activity so I want to make sure he eats. Thanks again!