Storing Hermes Ribbons :)

  1. Just a light hearted thread to show what I do with my Hermes ribbon. I enjoy twirling them around my fingers and placing them inside this orange box I keep in my closet. :heart: I cannot remember what the box was for, I think it was for my Karo, but can't really remember.

    What do you do with yours?
    Hermes Ribbons.jpg
  2. So cute!
  3. Yeah! Totally agree! Now I know what to do with mine! :p
  4. Cute! Don't hate me...I gave mine to my cats! They LOVE THEM! And they get some H too!

    I know! I'm evil...
  5. ^Your not evil you´re precious! H ribbons to H status kitties!
  6. sweet! i should start doing this as well...
    at the moment...they all lay in their original boxes....
    let me get them togother~so they can enjoy the sisterhood ^o^
  7. ^ :love: that Nola! Thanks!
  8. Love the H ribbon, MrsS. Have you found any uses for them? My SA suggested sewing several together lengthwise to make a headband for dd (haven't done it, too much work, lol), and I use one as a lanyard for my chunky car key. They are so nice, I love how they change from year to year--haven't seen the 2007 version yet.
  9. ^Mizzle that sounds great!
  10. I LOVE IT!!! GMTA!!! My cat has an *H* ribbon around her neck instead of a collar

  11. I use my ribbon as a lanyard. There was a time in Paris when the girls would wear the ribbon in their hair. I hang on to the older ribbons because I want to start collecting the special edition ones for each year.
  12. That is alot of ribbons MrsS!

    I use some for my daughter's hair!!!
  13. I like hanging all my ribbons on the ornate fan hook that I found in an antique store..
  14. so adorable!! hehe
  15. For the ones with the year and the theme, I store together--I think I have ribbons from 2003 and on. For ribbons that came with my bags, I store them in their respective boxes. Scarf box ribbons go into a Ziploc bag.