Storing Hermes bags

  1. Please let me know how you store your Hermes bags.
    Do you store it in the box with all the fixings or stand it up on the closet shelf or dining room table (lol)? Do you use the sleeper bag?
    Also, I am wondering if I should keep all the orange boxes. :wacko:
  2. Hi lovehermes .... good question, you need instant access to your bags, but want to take care of them as well.

    I store my H bags with either little goosdown pillows (you should be able to get these in any department store, it helps retain their shape and the filling is breathable if that makes sense:shame: ) or with the little plastic pillows Hermes provides at the time of purchase, in their dustbags and then in their boxes (I have little labels on all the boxes saying what's inside the box) .... I don't necessarily put the orange felts back on if I have already used the bag or it is a bag I know I am going to use a lot) ... those that I have either never yet used or have bought for re-sale stay just as I purchased them with all their bits and bobs on. I don't change my bags everyday and some of my favourites might be used for a week or two at a time, so its not a big deal.

    I would certainly keep the H box myself, not only does it store your bag properly, but if ever you want to re-sell later on to finance another bag :biggrin: it is nice for the new owner to have all its original accessories.

  3. Actually I was thinking that in all these years that I've been buying H bags, I only kept one Birkin box, they're too big and I don't have enough space to store them. In fact, each time I buy a bag, I tell the SA NOT to give me the box, she looks at me in dismay and says: "are you REALLY sure you don't want the box??" So I have to explain that I don't have enough room ecc... Actually, when I got my Masai the other day, I DID take the box since it's pretty slim... So the way I store my bags is the following: I have a special part of my closet reserved to Hermès bags only..!! (they CANNOT mingle with my other bags..!!!:lol: LOL!) They are all stuffed with old shirts or pieces of sheets or whatever I find as long as it's cotton, to keep their shape, and each one is in it's own dustbag. They have several shelves where they're all lined up in a row. I like to keep them standing up because I rather like the fact that they loose their shape a bit and look more "broken in". I don't like things that look too new...;) :biggrin:
  4. Hi lovehermes!

    So far I only have one Kelly bag to worry about... so you can bet it takes up the top center of my bag shelf. The box is kept open with the cover on the bottom. I left all the papers as it was when I first opened it.. My bag, after use is stuffed with the plastic pillow that came inside it, placed in dustcover and laid to the side in the box on top of the rolled paper "pillows", and covered with the paper "blankets." IT's like tucking in my baby to sleep at night...

    I know I'm pathetic.. but I'd rather tuck in my Kelly at night than have my own kids to tuck them in.:shame:
  5. I keep all of my H bags inside their respective boxes. I don't put them in their sleeper, though; I fold the sleeper and place them on top of the bag. If I am alternating between 2-3 bags, I keep them in their sleepers outside of their boxes and within easy reach, say, on my nightstand or on my dresser. I also have special shelves just for my H bags inside my closet. Like duna, I don't let them mingle w/ my other bags! LOL
  6. I read somewhere that this is the correct way to store your Hermes so that it retains its original shape forever. The rolled paper pillows are meant to stay in the box and are not thrown out. I guess standing them up on a shelf causes the tops to flop over, over time, especially for the souple styles.
  7. When I'm not using my bags for about 2-3 days:
    1. I clean the hardware with a soft cloth (the one used to clean eye glasses) to remove the thumb prints.
    2. I put them in their dustbags.
    3. Lay them nicely on their pillows and covered with the paper blankets inside their boxes

    I don't have the "plastic pillows" that joanna mentioned. Maybe because my Kelly is rigid so it probably won't lose its shape. My other bags (Paris-Bombay and Bolide) also have quite sturdy leathers (epsom and ostrich) so less chances of slouching over time.
  8. I store all my Hermes bags in their own bedrooms (orange box) under their own blankets (dustbag) on their own tissues pillows :P ;)
  9. I put my bag in the sleeper and store it in my closet on the shelf. The SA in Atlanta told me not to put it in the box at night because it won't be able to breathe. She said to just use the sleeper bag.
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions flossy, duna, joanna, lucy, rain, lavan, hermesaddiction and nathansgirl!! All your ideas are helpful. To be honest with you I've been storing my bags without dustcovers on my closet shelf. I guess if I'm not using the bags maybe I should store it in their respective boxes...I don't know...maybe they should breathe as nathansgirl mentioned. Thanks!
  11. I'm with Nathansgirl - the SAs at my local boutique have advised me to keep my bags in their lovely sleepers, instead of storing them in the boxes. They said that way the leather can breathe & not dry out. But I do use the plastic pillows that came w/ my JPG to help retain its shape whenever it's taking a "nap".
  12. hermes lemming...I'll have to check with my SA about storing the bags too! Do you throw the boxes away?
  13. lol - no, actually i don't have the heart. too lovely. they're scattered in various closets & rooms all over my house. but the boxes do take up space. the one for my JPG is massive.
  14. Thanks for the info...I know some are so huge, I can just imagine the JPG box!!
  15. The plastic pillows - are you gals referring to the plastic filled w/ air? :hrmm: