Storing “flat” bags? I’d love to see your BV shelves!

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  1. How do you store your “flat” bags (Veneta/Baseball Hobo)?

    We are moving into our new house in January and are planning on having a closet system installed. I’ve always just stored all my bags on the top shelf across the entire closet, and have stacked my flat bags on top of each other. A pain, since I’m not very tall.

    For this closet I want a unit just for bags so I can organize properly. I’m just not sure if I want to hang the Venetas and Baseball hobos, or have a shelf where they are laid flat and stacked.

    I’d love to see photos of how you store your bags!
  2. My closet's currently are a disaster as I've run out of space...but I do store my flat BVs in their dust bags on top of each other. I think for the flat bags it makes the most sense. I rotate them occasionally so the weight isn't always piled on the same bag.
  3. I store them flat and stacked as well. Be sure to post photos of your new closet!
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  4. I store them flat as well but not stacked. Then again, it is only because my collection is small so each bag can afford to have its small space. A new closet is so exciting. Will love to see it when it's ready.
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  5. I store my bags like this.
    I have no closet room, and there is not much space in the wardrobe. There are two levels in my wardrobe, on the bottom I keep clothes for the season (on hangers), and in the top closet I remove everything else. Bags are stored in this top closet, at the level of my eyes.
    It doesn't look very beautiful, and I think you need something else for inspiration (for your new wardrobe), but I find this storage method very convenient.:idea:

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  6. Thanks! I want to dive in and play with the beauties!
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  7. I currently only have three bags that I store flat. I just stack them on one shelf
  8. i stack my venetas and my small cities flat, on top of each other.
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  9. We are in the process of moving now, I can’t wait to get my bags in and organize them! I’m really happy with how our ikea closet turned out.
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  10. Can’t wait to see it!
  11. Here is my side of the closet, the shelves above the shoes are designated for my bags. I haven’t moved them yet, they are moving with me.

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  12. Wow now that is organized.
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  13. It's looking so good!
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  14. Thanks! I am highly impressed with the IKEA Pax system! Custom would have cost us at least 3x more. We opted to have them pick, deliver and assemble everything so we didn’t have to deal with all of that. They even hauled away all the boxes everything came in! All we had to do was measure and design.
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  15. Awesome ️. I love being organized. Feels peaceful