Storing Bags for a long period of time


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
I'm the worst of the worst when it comes to actually using bags. If I like a bag a whole lot cause it's pretty, I tend to get it and then store it away. I look at it and it's gorgeous but I can't bring myself to use it. I have some that I use for a day then store it. Thing is, I might not use it for a period of a year or maybe more. I don't want anything happening to my bags. After reading about bags rotting and peeling off, I was unsure how to store bags long-term.

I've kept my bags in dust bags and a plastic bag over the dustbag until someone mentioned that plastic wouldn't be good cause they need to breathe. No biggie, I just started collecting them last November or so. So I poke holes all over the plastic bags so the bags can breathe through both the dustbag and plastic bag. The bags I don't use and rarely use goes into BF's closet. Is this the right way to store it for long-term? BF had told me already that when we get married and have a house, I will have a room devoted to my formal dresses and bags (I never went to a school dance, ever - strict parents). Kinda like a museum of my stuff.

Also, each bag has a dessicant bag (the DO NOT EAT baggies that traps any moisture while item is in storage). Any ideas? Am I doing this right/wrong? Help! I don't want to lose my collection one day due to wrongful storage.
I store my bags in there dustbags in my closet but I think even with the hole in the plastic it's not such a good idea. The leather has to breath and the rotting and peeling just happens when they don't get any air. The bags I don't use that much due to the weather I get out once in a while and let them sit on my drawer for a day so they get the oxigen they need and I can stare at them.
I usually sit down twice a year, dust off all my bags, use a leather cleaner (if it's ok for the leather), and then condition the bag. Then I let them "breath" in the conditioner for a little bit. Then I put them back into their dust bags and store them in my closet. I also put stuffing in the bags so that they keep their shape. That works for me...
^^Personally, I use tissue paper. If the bag came with tissue paper that's sorta in the "shape" of the bag already--I just keep using that. But not if it's the icky papery stuff, the regular giftwrap tissue paper. It's thinner and seems to squish better.... When I'm usuing the bag, I just stick the tissue in the dustbag.
Bags definitely need to breathe, just store them in their dustbags and it should be fine. I either stuff my bags with bubblewrap wadded up or WHITE tissue paper. I am paranoid that colored tissue paper might rub off on the inside of a purse due to moisture or prolonged contact... you never know!
Thanks ladies!!! All great input! I will ditch the plastic bags completely (BF laughed that I protect the bags with the dustbag but then needed something to protect the dustbag too).

IntlSet, your post brought up something I read before when I was searching for answers on proper bag storage. One site I remember reading said to use acid-free tissue paper. It also mentioned to use white ones as sometiomes the color do rub off.

Again, thanks ladies! I hope I'd take good care of all my babies long enough for them to reach the bag room.
I stuff my larger bags with old shirts.. possibly because I don't really have tissue, but I'm sure that won't amount to much of a difference (e.g. potato po-tah-to). I'm sure you're well on your way to that bag room !! ;)
I'm with you on this one. Some of the bags I get aren't practical for every day use, and others I'm just too lazy to switch on the spot. In fact it often takes me a month before I will switch bags.
I save all the tissues that came with the new bag. Then I use the tissues to retain the shape of the bag and put it inside its dust bag. Then store away in the closet. Every few months, I take it out and let them breathe.
Thanks again ladies. I will remember to let them breathe and clean-moisturize the leather parts. I have some bags that have a bit of snakeskin. I'm assuming a damp cloth will do for that.

I'm so bad. I sprayed them all either with Scotchguard or Shining Monkey and they're all sitting in their bags. LOL. I use all the leather ones though. I hope no flaking or damage will come to them at all in the next 10 years or so.

Again ladies, thanks!