stories about your 1st love

  1. Just being romantic right now.. I was listening to some really romantic songs and couldn't help but be reminded of my first true love... makes me think of "what might have been" if that love was still here... this sucks though coz I have a bf (been together for 7 yrs) but I still at times remember that one great love.... arggh, don't know if I am making any sense here.. but here's my story.. met him in high school, had a super crush on him.. then next thing I knew, I was head over heels with him.... and then, I moved to the US and although i was here.. friends and classmates made sure he was reminded.. but gosh, that was 14 yrs ago, and till now, I still remember him and I can't help but smile when I am reminded of him....
  2. Ahhhh, first love.
    I think our first loves will always have a special place in our hearts, no matter what.

    I married my first love. We met when we were 13- we both had a crush on one another, but didn't tell each other.
    When we were 15, we dated for one heady summer. Then he moved away.
    We reconnected when we were 18, and that's all she wrote. We've been together ever since. 13 years now.
  3. i had a few bf's back then and i still remember all of them from time to time, but if we're talking about my first love, someone i truly love, that must be the bf i'm w/ now. i've been w/ other guys b4 but never really loved them. this is my first love and i've been w/ him for almost 2 yrs now. i know for fact that even if one day me and my bf breaks up, i'll never forget about him and will remember him from time to time.
  4. all i have to say about my first "love" is that he was/is an ass :biggrin:

    my first true love is another story....*sigh*....but no time for thoughts of romance...must study for finals :Push:
  5. i met my first true love sophomore year of college. we stayed together for 3 yrs but broke up a 2 quarters after he left for stanford for grad school. i couldn't deal w/ the long distance and was too into my new life as a career woman. i do regret it and think about him still. i'm with a wonderful guy now and i find myself thinking about the first love less and less.
  6. no more hopeless romantics on this board? I don't believe that.. hehehe..
  7. Same here :lol: No romantic stories to tell about that jerk :suspiciou
  8. Haha, every single word you just typed - same here, lol!
  9. double ditto :biggrin:
  10. i still love my first love, he's one of my best friends. i don't want to say any more because my current bf knows i post here...
  11. heheh amanda, we won't tell.. gosh, to those who had a bad experience with their first loves.. so sorry.. but I do hope that u learned something from it...
  12. I met him when I was 18 and he was 26. He was my first true love and always will be. We think a like, we can finish each other's sentences and know we each other is thinking and feeling. After about 3 yrs we had gone our seperate ways. We dated other people in between. Now after 4 yrs of being friends we've gotten back together. We both know in our hearts that it'll always be each other even if we got back together 10-20 yrs down the road.
  13. wow, your story is many girls' dream( that i know :lol: ) . But this kind of thing doesnt happen that often in life.
    You are really lucky ~
  14. ........

    He was sitting on a coffee table, the silent but strong type. A friend introduced me to him, exclaiming that we'd "get along great" and he was " a lot of fun."

    I was a little wary at first, I mean, I'd heard such dreadful things about him... but you gotta take some chances in life so I thought I'd give him a chance.

    So, I did what any girl would do in the situation... I threw my head back and took the shot of tequila.


    Jose Cuervo and I have had an on again, off again relationship these past few years, but he's always a good time and he'll always be more first ( alcohol) love.

    he's much better than the real boy version, honest.
  15. Love the story Dani! That's so cute... tequila! :lol: