stores to get silver mini paddy?

  1. I want to get this bag:
    CHLOE - 2007 Spring Summer Mini Paddington Bag (Argent) -
    but I'd prefer to get it at an actual store. I just called Neiman and they said they were getting it in soon, but it would be $1500 :wtf: (compared to $1100 on Diabro and $1200 n LVR)

    Is it worth it to wait or should I just buy it on Diabro? Is Diabro reputable?

    Does anyone know of any other stores in the NYC area that would sell this bag?

  2. I actually called the Chloe boutique in NY the other day asking about a different paddington (which they had already sold out of ) but they did have the medium version of the one you are looking for in the store. They might have the smaller version as well. I got their phone number off of the chloe website under boutique locator. I also called the boutique in CA, they did not have it either, but they were able to look in their system for a store in the US that had ordered it and gave me the store name and phone # (alas it was gone:crybaby: ). Good luck!!
  3. I was going to recommend the Chloe store as well. Intermix in NYC carries Chloes. Also Bergdorf Goodman and Saks in NYC. You could also call around to different locations and see if anyone has it.

    I own this bag in anthracite, which is the dark dark silver and I LOVE it. I got it for a ridiculous price-- $600!!-- from someone I knew and trusted on eBay, but that was sheer luck, and I still can't believe she let the bag go for that price! Hopefully you can find it somewhat discounted though, because the mini paddies don't seem to be as sought after.
  4. Someone purchased a bag and asked to authenticate it from Diabro (search Diabro and you should come up with the link) and they said that the bag was authentic and that this seller is reliable.