Stores that will ship Ulysse PM agenda

  1. I would love to buy the Ulysse PM agenda with the blank page refills to carry in my bag to school and to jot notes on, but there are no stores in my state. Will any of the Hermes stores ship this? Does anyone know the price of the PM? Or what colors might be available at a particular location? :shrugs:
  2. Hi ET! I would call Lisa at NM if they have it (and I think they do) they are happy to ship. Her number is (248) 635-8442. Also, I think most Hermes boutiques will ship small leather goods so it shouldn't be a problem finding one to ship, it's finding the color/combo you want! Good luck, and make sure you post pics!!!
  3. I do feel one important factor is you don't have a home store in your state, so they are more willing to help. I would specifically ask for the manager...get right to the person who makes the top decisions and state your case and what you'd like. Good Luck.
  4. Thanks! I called Lisa, and she is going to check to see what is available and call me back tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  5. I believe they can all do a charge ship for these
  6. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Please keep us posted! I will be there on Friday too if you need me to check anything out!:supacool:
  7. Lots of luck to you,:flowers:
  8. You're gonna get it!!! I have a feeling.
  9. If NM doesn't have what you want let me know and I can check with my store (Atlanta) on Saturday. I need to go to Lenox and pick up a gift so I can stop in and see what they have. I am sure they will ship to you.
  10. Thanks! I want the TPM or PM Ulysse...I think maybe in orange, but I am open to color suggestions! Also, if anyone has one of these, what do you recommend for size? If I have to take whatever is available, that's okay...but if I get to choose, which is a better size to go with?
  11. I just bought the mini Ulysee in orange. It was $140 and the note paper was $25.00. It is a great size, perfect if you want to carry it in your bag. The PM was $150. The SF store had Blue Jean, orange, red and green (Vert Anis I think).
  12. I would love it in Blue Jean or fuschia!!! Or orange!!! Oy, here I go again!
  13. Fuchsia! Fuchsia! Fuchsia!!!
  14. Thanks for the info and the great pic! I love your pieces together! Are you finding that the mini is a good size? Is it easy to write in? I kind of write "sideways," and sometimes have trouble with spiral-type notebooks, so I would love feedback about practicality! :tender:
  15. I have the PM in orange and really like it. It is just the right size, small enough not to take up too much room in my bag but big enough to write down lists, take notes of client conversations, etc. The blue jean is really pretty as is Rouge H. I will go to Hermes Saturday and find out what's in stock and let you know.