Stores that carry RM

  1. So I just saw RM bags on the Amazon website and it looks like it is sold by them and not a third party. Does anyone know if they are a legit retailer?
  2. Yes. They are legit. :smile: I purchased three RMs from them so far.
  3. Awesome now I can use my Amazon gift cards to get one, thanks!
  4. Amazon's amazing!! I've also ordered multiple RM's from them at great deals as well!! Last fall they had the newest styles from the current season marked down and then additional off!! There are good deals going on all the time and shipping/returns are fast and free! I highly recommend them!
  5. Hi girls,

    Is muse ten a legit store to buy a RM bag?

  6. :tup: Yes
  7. It sure is - I've bought a couple from there.
  8. yey! Thanks. Super Excited to buy my first RM bag! A morning after mini in Burnt orange, Mark down from 495-395! :smile:
  9. Hey, Im visiting Orlando for two weeks in August, the main thing im looking to purchase is a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag, in the colour Almond. Does anyone live in the Florida area and could tell me the best places to look and also if anyone has seen the bag in Almond? Thanks!
  10. is there a list of websites that ship to canada somewhere? I'm looking for a particular Canadian site but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. It's not a2zane.
  11. I went on a very disappointing RM hunt this weekend. I was in Cincinnati, OH visiting the bf and we were hitting some of the labor day sales and I thought id pop in Nordstrom to check out the RM selection. I scoured the purse section and found a sunglasses case, iPhone and iPad case here & there. Finally I asked the sales lady and she said they had one. She showed it to me and I was so disappointed I didn't even catch what style it was (not one of the main ones). She said they rarely carry them in store.

    No luck at tj maxx and then we swung by saks off 5th and they had more of a selection but mainly the same styles that were on sale on over the weekend but not as good of deals. so I went home empty handed :sad:

    they often have sales too.
  13. just found out a sales-event-based online store Reebonz got RM now but their prices ... :wtf:
  14. Nordstrom Rack Houston Galleria Mac Daddy in Grape $189