stores that carries tutti

  1. Since a lot of people are still looking for tutti, can we have a thread that lists all the stores that has tutti in?
    So far, I know these stores have tutti:


    Los Angeles:
    -Virgin Megastore @H&H

    Thankx :yahoo:
  2. in Toronto, there's Bonny Satchels & Duffles :smile:

    hope this helps
  3. oh and

  4. Happy six in west la
  5. And JapanLA on Melrose, also in Los Angeles.
  6. That JapanLA looks so cool. I think I might try to get up there this weekend. I really want the Tutti Ciao or Ciao Ciao.

    Even if they don't have it their website looks so cool and I'm sure i'll end up with something. :yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Looks like Unique Threads on eBay got their Tutti shipment in too. LOL, there's a Boobie Bambino! One Bambino has just a big set of boobies on the back with stars on them. :lol:

  8. STILL no sign of Tutti in Hawaii:shrugs:
  9. Bay Area, CA - MetroPark in the San Francisco shopping center has their tutti in...lots of bvs and giocos and 2 of them had mozarella and latte perfectly centered! but i was good and only bought a gioco :] will post soon :biggrin:
  10. Metropark at the Glendale Galleria has a few tutti pieces
  11. they had 2 BV, 1 zucca, 1 gioco, 3 canguro this morning.
  12. Metro Park at the Irvine Spectrum has tht Tutti too.
  13. Metropark in San Jose, CA... (Oakridge) has some!!