Stores that Ban Customers?!

  1. Ok, I'm sure we all have had moments of indecision about our purchases. I've been reading here and there about stores cracking down on returns/exchanges. Although I understand the reasoning, i.e. prevent the return of fakes, prevent the return of used goods, etc., I've NEVER returned a bag in such condition but would like to be an informed consumer. I just keep my bags in the box/dustbag, try them out with different outfits in my room and then they either get the tags snipped to be kept or go back to the store. But I have had my moments of indecision!

    I've heard that Coach will ban you for buying too much. LV recently told me that since they keep track of all your purchases, so if you return or exchange "too much" (whatever that means), that can cause issues... Bal-NY is limiting the number of exchanges/returns per customer. Express limits the number of returns it allows. Bluefly will cut you off if you return too much, etc.

    What else have you ladies heard/read about/experienced?
  2. hmmm... i knew that express and victoria's secret were limiting the number of returns. i find that personally annoying as often times i change my mind about an item and still have tags and receipt intact. to me, that shouldn't be prohibitive in allowing "too many" returns/ exchanges.
  3. Hermes will blacklist you if they find out you're reselling your bags.
  4. Can't you just give the item + receipt to someone in your family or a friend to return it? (if you paid in cash)
  5. So, even if you sell it to a consignment shop or ebay?
  6. I had heard someone mention the Coach incident and I've wondered about that myself in that stores seem to be more strident concerning returns. Makes it harder on the consumer to be sure!
  7. I recently read an article about Abercrombie and Fitch placing a limit on the number of items (it's 20, but will soon be raised to 50) a person can purchase on a visit to the store. They maintain that there's an industry-wide problem with customers purchasing in bulk to re-sell items at inflated prices. They also claim that many of these items end up as returns when people are unable to sell them.

    It's weird--these days you not only have to watch your returns, but you also have to limit your purchases!
  8. I recall Marshall Fields or some store like that monitoring your purchases, maybe it was Nordstrom? Anyway, if they saw you were buying items in large grouping lets say, and then a week later you return them and do it all over again. Basically, watching out for people who buy an outfit -wear the outfit and then a day or a week later return it! It's so trashy I knew a girl who did it all the time - WHATEVER, if you can't afford it! Don't buy it!!
  9. Look, I can respect stores for protecting their brand from resellers--actual customers get pissed when they go to a store and try and buy something, only to find out that the only way to get it is through a reseller--for example--the Chanel limited edition black nailpolish for the fall--which cannot be found anywhere, except for Ebay.
  10. Hm...awhile ago I was told I'd reached my yearly max on LV (didn't even know it was possible!). Granted I was really obsessed with LV at the time (buying up a storm) it was really shocking when my favorite LV SA told me this! Guess that was the catalyst that got me buying other brands. I still love LV but haven't purchased a new LV bag in a long time.
  11. Gosh I hadn't heard of this, except at outlet stores. I know a few people banned from cosmetic company outlets due to overspending. It must be the boutiques that have these restrictions because I see a load of sold out HTF items on ebay. For example, I couldn't even preorder in my size of lanvin ballet flats because they're already sold out, yet there's a ebay seller with a ton of them at a 300.00 plus markup! I guess they're just placing a limit on what they think is a reasonable amount of spending, but, if there are a wide variety of styles being purchased, rather than a bunch of the same I don't see why it should matter. In that case, they should give the customer the benefit of the doubt. I guess if you're spending 1500 per trip 1-2/week that could be 6000-12000 per month at one Coach boutique (as that other gal posted), it must have raised a flag to them.
  12. would suck to get banned from a store, especially if you are buying the stuff for yourself and just happen to spend tons of $$$.

    THat seems kinda unfair. I can see banning those caught selling on Ebay,etc. though.
  13. I think it's a good idea. Anything that will limit the rip-off artists out there! Personally I don't buy a lot of stuff and change my mind about it later--I am careful that what I buy is what I want. My ex-MIL on the other hand was (prolly still is) famous for buying something at one store, then going to other stores til she found the same item for cheaper, then going back to the original store to make a return. She wasn't trying to pull a scam, that's just the way she shopped. It was, needless to say, exhausing to go shopping with her!
  14. That's just overdoing it. I should be able to resell anything I want and go back to the boutique to buy something new.