Stores not co-operating properly?

  1. I was talking to an SA today about getting something in burgundy to match my bag. I was thinking about a pair of shoes in burgundy. I could try on the same model in a different colour, get the right size and order them being 100% sure I would get them, even put down the sum, I even offered to.
    However the SA said there was no point as there were only a few stores getting the show collection stuff and that those stores would hold on to the unsold items even though there were no waitlist or names put down as they knew they would sell them in the end and thus make more sales points for that particular store, no matter how late it would happen. =-/

    IN the end, the SA told me that they weren't really always that co-operative. :wtf: I usually always want something from the show collection, but I can't go to London or Paris every week to get what I want lol, so these were indeed bad news for me!

    ANyone had similar experiences?
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  3. Yes, I've heard of this, too. I guess here in Vegas some of the stores are greedy and won't exchange with each other.
  4. I've never heard of this.
  5. As a salesperson she still should have tried to get the items for you. Telling you that was really quite rude.
  6. I agree... it wasn't very professional of them either. :tdown:
  7. I've never heard of this. At least my LV store is good about looking things up in their tracking system to see if another store carries an item in the color or size that I'm interested in.
  8. I have never heard of this, but gosh very unprofessional of her to mention it! What a bummer though, sorry!
  9. My store does not sell shoes, so I cannot even order a pair through them! I have to do it on my own...
  10. I have not hear of this, but somehow it doesn't surprise me. Sales is a very competative business and the bottom line is what keeps the salaries coming in. I always thought the stock was recorded in the computer, so they didn't have to call around. Hmmmm....doesn't seem very fair does it?
  11. Yes, I've heard of this. The store with the stock may not agree to a stock transfer, however, they should be willing to do a charge-send. That way, they will still get credited with the sale. Call the 1-866 number and they should be able to locate a pair for you and then you can even make the call yourself and arrange for the charge-send. Good luck!
  12. This is wrong, and dell that is wrong for you too....

    Yes, some items can not be transfered in, small leather goods, last pieces in the inventory, that kind of thing....but your SA shoild always be willing to help you locate the item and facilitate a charge send.

    Next time you get that response ask for help and if the SA resists ask for a manager.
  13. I had this happen when i wanted to get my hands on the miroir collection. My SA said there we numerous unsold un named for pieces but there was no way they would "give it up".
  14. Never happened to me before. If there's something I want and it's available in another store and not spoken for my SA will gladly have it transferred.
  15. It happens quite frequently at my store, esp as it is a small store and only really receives very limited show/collection items ... if I request items (always from the Global store) they often do not arrive unless I purchase them via mail order:yes: