Stores in NYC

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  1. Hi, I was wondering If you don't have a regular SA at the Madison or Wallstreet store. Is it possible to call them and get them to put some accessories away so I (or my friend) can pick it up about a week later?

    Do you know if they have any rules around this?
  2. unless you are a established customer they will most likely not put it aside & hold it. Simply because they do not know you & if you will come back.
  3. Unfortunately, I think it is highly unlikely that they would do this for you. I have an established relationship with my SA and even then, she will only hold things for me if I arrive by a certain time of the day, that same day. I think it's the only fair way to do things. If I cannot make it, I call her immediately. Oh, I just realized you are asking about accessories and not bags.... I think if you are coming in the same day, they will probably hold for you, but certainly not for a week.
  4. That was what I thought too :s I can tell my friend what to buy, but she is not familiar with Hermes at all, so I'm afraid it would get wrong.

    I called Chanel, and they had no problems putting bags or wallet away for over two weeks. So i thought that this is perhaps the way it's done in the US :smile:
  5. You probably got lucky with the person you talked to at Chanel because most luxury stores will only go so far for their regular customers let alone someone they don't know. My favorite associate at Hermes held a couple of bracelets for nearly a week, but that was mostly due to her 1) knowing I was likely to buy, and 2) her being ill a couple of those days.

    Hermes is notorious for being under stocked, and I try not to call with a hold request unless I'm heading in within 48 hours. In some cases, I'll just have them ship the item to save myself the trouble.

  6. ^I do want to buy them, I would like to pay by creditcard over phone and get someone to pick it up, but since they don't allow that it gets trickier.
    I will have to find it in a store in Europe instead.
  7. Have you actually called to speak to them, sometimes store will be more accomodating when they know you are from another country
  8. ^ nope, wanted to ask here first :smile: