Stores in Los Angeles and other Balenciaga questions!

  1. Hey girlies, where are the best places to buy Balenciaga bags in L.A.?
    Also, I was wondering, are the stores only selling the new collection now? The ones with the golden zippers/details???
    Can I still get the old/original version in stores or only through eBay?
  2. Barneys! Stores have both the old hardware & Giant (gold)!
  3. Maxfield
  4. Maxfield has a good selection (esp. of the non-motorcycle lines of Balenciaga bags), but the store terrifies me.
  5. I never been there but why does it scare you? :roflmfao:
  6. Irissy, picture an concrete structure w/ avante garde architecture, a grim security guard at the door, and SAs that silently follow you past tightly packed racks of insanely expensive merchandise. I broke out into a sweat the last time I went there... :sweatdrop: <- Me
    Guess it didn't help that I had read a recent news article that reported they throw their regular customers unceremoniously out the door when celebrities like MK show up and want to shop. :wlae: :push:
  7. Hello..... I would love any recommendations on shopping for Bal's in Los Angeles/Hollywood/Beverly Hills!

  8. the only place i have found brand new Bal's are at Barneys - Saks, Neimans and Nordies do not carry the line here :sad:
    there are a few resell places that have them from time to time - Decades II on Melrose is one of those places :smile:
  9. supposedly there will be a flagship balenciaga in LA soon. which means no more ordering via balny tax free! =( other than that...i'd say LA does not have that many places that carry a good thing to do is come on this forum and if you see a color you love, then call NMLV or NMSF they carry a pretty good selection and the return policy is much better than balenciaga's and aloha rag. have you checked they're 2nd hand bags but they have a pretty nice selection from time to time. some very coveted colors and smooshy leather! hope that helps~
  10. NM @ Fashion Island, Newport Beach has a nice collection. You're able to pick up and try on all the bags w/o a SA's help. ;)
  11. Thanks! I am trying to plan a day trip into LA this next week and would love to make a 'strategic' strike if there is a great place to go for Balenciaga.... looks as though I will be hitting the Louboutin hang out's instead.....:graucho::tup:
  12. is the selection at barney's good, i mean is there a wide selection?

    would you suggest calling first to see if they have a style i am looking for?

    thanks! :flowers:
  13. barneys bh has some new citys in sahara, bg, magenta and vert thyme all in sgh except the bg which is ggh. also the magenta first. and if anyone is looking for the an anthra ggh brief, they have one. omg-it was so nice.
  14. Ooh thanks Lola! Did you see these today? I want to get over there asap, but my darn exams are going to prevent me from visiting until at least another day. I hope they'll still be there when I go...
  15. yes, it was today or should i say yesterday now. i'm sure they will be spiral. i was there around 5pm and the sa told me they just but the new bags out about 20 minutes before.

    and if anyone is looking for an anthra brief in ggh, they have one which looked fabulous. oh, and a grenat first. i forgot to mention this.