Stores in London or Paris

  1. Hi All! I am new to the purse forum. I have been learning a lot by reading threads and this is my first time to post. :tup:

    My friend left for London and Paris yesterday and I told him to swing by the stores in both cities. I would love to own a 30cm Birkin. What are the chances that one is available to a walk in client? Also which store would have the greatest chance? I dont think he will visit all the stores for me (afterall this is really just the biggest favor).

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Welcome to TPF, pestopasta! I believe your chances are scoring a bag as a walk-in are about nil in London. Your friend is likely to have luck in Paris, though. He may score you a birkin in any of the Paris stores if he's there at the right time, but it's definitely worth trying the flagship store, which is the famous 24 Rue Faubourg St Honore. Many Forum-ites have been lucky with finding their bags there. Good luck!!
  3. Exciting! Do you have any special wishes?
  4. Hi! Yes I do! A RED 30 cm just like ur picture lulilu! Maybe an orange would be nice but really im open to anything. Im madly in love with this bag. Its my current obsession! I am so glad I found this forum and find out there are many ladies like me who are bag crazy!

    Anyways, i am really hoping my friend walks in the right day!!
  5. the chance is very slim, especially in paris, unless you know the SA girl quite well, you can start building a relationship by buying hermes products other than birkin, show your interest in the brand, the later you can ask the SA if she has a stock of birkin...good luck!