Stores in LA area

  1. I'm going to LA next week and want to do some thrift shopping. Anyone know any good spots?

  2. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank has some great outlets. "Its a Wrap" has tons of clothing from movie and t.v. shows wardrobes. My husband got a great jacquard jacket (the actual one Dean Martin wore in a scene from "Robin and the 7 Hoods") Lots of great finds there. Although alot of the womens sizes are size "0"s for the stick think actresses that wore them. Burbank Blvd. has alot as well. In Hollywood, check out "Out of the Closet" on LaBrea. In Pasadena, check out Aardvarks".
  3. thanks!! i will def. check those stores out :smile:
  4. "Timeless Treasures" in supposed to have some good stuff, including clothing used in movies.
  5. I love It's A Wrap! A lot of the clothes in there have never been worn, since they get they are castoffs and leftovers from movie and TV wardrobes. If you're near Studio City also check out Playclothes on Moorpark for vintage things.
  6. secondchances in culver city has nice things most times. They are a designer cosignment store.
  7. is that the shop in Pasadena? if so, that place is awesome.
  8. Haven't been to these stores in a while but Crossroads, Slow and Wasteland on Melrose Ave and Jet Rag and Buffalo Exchange on La Brea had some great finds years ago.

    Aardvarks on Melrose is also fun to browse around.