Stores closing for two weeks...

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  1. According to IG. I hope everyone stays safe :heart:
  2. I just received a text from my SA that they were closing. She didn’t say how long though....
  3. The post the info came from has been edited to say California LVs are closing. Where is your store?

    My home store is Jacksonville and last I knew we were just in limited hours.
  4. Illinois, they are located in a mall...
  5. Good. Everyone should be staying home unless absolutely necessary. No bag is absolutely necessary.
  6. What about if you have to return something?! Are they going to extend the 30 day policy??
  7. I’m sure they will....
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  8. My SA at the Bellagio in Vegas said they too would be closing for two weeks but that they would be working from home and could still place orders online or by calling other stores. The store inside the Wynn/Encore will also be closing.
  9. If you do a store search from a product some stores are listed as temporarily closed....
  10. All MGM resorts and casinos are closing here in Las Vegas. Along with both Wynn resorts
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  11. NYC stores are closed for two weeks too. Safety first
  12. Are all LV store closing for 2 weeks worldwide or just in the US? None the less safety first so I hope all workers and customers say safe. Health first!
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  13. Lots of retail stores besides LV are also closing for two weeks (or maybe more). I keep receiving tons of emails the last couple of days. All to hopefully stop the rapid spread of COVID-19. I just feel bad for the hospitals, first responders, grocery stores and delivery drivers (like my hubby). They are so essential right now, but I don't want my husband out in this either. :sad:
  14. Same. My husband is an ER doc. Every time people don’t follow the quarantine protocols, his life is more at risk. Everyone, please stay home :flowers:
  15. That's why you can shop online! :smile: