stores carrying bleu de france??

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  1. help! i want to buy my first bbag :yahoo:but i can't find any stores that still has the french blue color! :crybaby:i'd love a Day gh or regular hardware is fine. has anyone seen any while shopping recently????

    (if this thread is against rules please let me know I don't want to violate any forum rules!)
  2. I saw a FB Part time with GH about two weeks ago in Neiman marcus short hills, but i told someone else about it a week ago so they may or may not have it try giving them a call, good luck;)
  3. Try NM San Francisco. I was there on Sunday and saw one FB day in the regular hardware sitting out. There was also a FB small matelasse bag if you want to look into that one as well.
  4. ditto NM Newport Beach. They had one FB RH Day and I just returned another they may have two. :yes:
  5. My SA has one on hold. PM me and I'll pass on the info
  6. I wish I could be of help, but it is a beautiful color.
  7. try NM Denver - there was one last week