Stores and cleaning policies

  1. Hi girls! I would love some input on an issue....

    I have never actually bought a Chanel bag from the store and all my Chanels have been acquired second hand. Well, I have a vintage bag that I bought at a designer resale shop here in Manhattan a few months ago. They guarantee authenticity on all of their items. But this is a very unique bag and it has no hologram. Anyways, the bag has two pen marks on the front that need to be cleaned off.

    Well, I was in Saks the other day and stopped by the Chanel boutique in there and asked about cleaning. The lady there was rather rude and short :rolleyes: and told me that Chanel will ONLY clean bags that have been bought at their stores. :confused1: Is this true? She said I have to take the bag to the store I bought it at and they will "look it up in the computer" and then clean it.

    Is this true?? Has anyone taken a bag to Chanel to be cleaned that wasn't bought there?
    I've also been putting off taking it there b/c I don't know if it's authentic or not, and now, even if I do take it in, they might refuse to clean it anyways, not to mention the possible embarrassment if it's fake. :sad:

    What should I do?!
  2. First, I would take pics of the bag and post them in the authenticatation thread here on the board. That will help with that issue.

    How would an SA know if you received it as a gift? I would go to a Chanel boutique ~ not Saks ~ and just say you'd like it cleaned.
  3. Thanks, Freetoes. I actually did post pics a while back and talked to Michele about it by PM. This bag is a tough one to nail down authenticity wise! Michele recommended that I take it to Chanel for the cleaning, b/c they will only clean authentic bags, and then I'll know for sure and have the receipt to prove the authenticity.

    But now, I'm not even sure if I can take it to be cleaned. And, I think more than anything I'm just a little nervous b/c I don't have an SA there to help me. :sad:
  4. I understand completely. I usually buy second hand as well. What part of the country are you in? Perhaps you could post asking for a *friendly* SA that is not so stuffy?
  5. I live in Manhattan (NYC). I seriously hate dealing with many of the SA's here. :rolleyes: There are a lot of very snooty ones. I was in Cartier the other day getting a watch repaired and went to the bathroom afterwards, and the lady I asked about the location was SOOOO rude to me. :cursing:
  6. You're in a tough location! Verrrrrrrry snooty area. Maybe try Short Hills? That's not too far, right?
  7. How frustrating.... I recommend taking it directly to Chanel, and telling them it was a gift and you would like to pay to get it cleaned. You really should not have a problem.
  8. Thanks again Michele! I'm setting a goal to take it tomorrow. No more procrastinating! :p I'll be sure to post how it turns out...
  9. i hate snooty people ack! makes me so mad lol...good luck on getting your purse cleaned though!!
  10. That's not true. They will clean ANY of their bags. They charge a fee for this. (Not very high from what I hear). Of course, this is where it comes in handy to have an SA.
  11. HI, CHOPIN

    It was my experience that the Chanel boutique on Madison Ave. has a much more welcoming atmosphere/staff than either the one on 5th Ave. or in Soho; my SA, Ms. Rowe, is especially lovely.

    But if you're still feeling intimidated by the prospect of taking your I'm-not-positive-authentic bag to a Chanel boutique, those of us who live in NYC have so many more options than women in most places. Artbag -- at Madison & 81st St. -- gets rave reviews in NYMagazine, Vogue, etc. And I've also heard some good things about 2 other places, Hallak and Meurice.

    Wherever you go, I hope you'll post back to let us know how you make out. Good Luck!
  12. Tell any snooty SAs that it is a hand-me-down from your mother, who sadly passed away and cannot tell you where she bought the bag!

  13. I have to agree about the Chanel on Madison Avenue. I have bought a few things from them and everyone that I talk to is so warm, welcoming and helpful.

    The SA's that I have used are Angie Kim and Jonathan. I have also talked with the store Manager, Doug. They're all terrific.
  14. Bumping this up to see if Chopin has found a place to clean her bag :smile:

  15. That's EXACTLY what I would do. (Or you might say aunt - don't want to be killing off your mother unnecessarily)