store vs online

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  1. I will be ordering thru my store today to get an item shipped to my house. Anyways, does the hardware always come wrapped, etc? I almost always buy my bags and accessories in person. And I always inspect everything.
  2. I have ordered 2 items from the fp store in the last few months and neither of them were fully wrapped.
  3. Ordering through the store is just like ordering on Items will come from JAX and it seems to be hit or miss on how they are wrapped/packed.
  4. I ordered my Signature Stripe Tote online and everything was wrapped - handles, tags, zippers....
  5. My SA knows that the packaging from JAX can sometimes drive me crazy. If they have extra stock of a particular bag or accessory in the store that has not been unwrapped yet, she will send me one of them. If it is not in-stock in the store, however, it will most likely come from JAX, sometimes another store. JAX used to ship their product in the original factory packaging...I wish they would go back to that.
  6. In the store all bags should come to you with all components of a bag completely unwrapped.
  7. Very hit or miss with the wrapping when ordering on-line. My last two purchases from JAX (from were just wrapped in tissue with some tissue packing inside...the tassels, hangtags, zipper pulls, etc were NOT wrapped nor was their the cellophane "taping" over the metals; however, the last three purchases from the FOS sales were completely wrapped- including the taping over the metals! You just do not know!!!!
  8. I order a lot from FOS and everything comes in wrapped very nicely, nothing is ever damaged
  9. Signature Stripe is MFF and would have come from FOS...same warehouse, but FOS stuff usually does come wrapped, more often than FP stuff from JAX. Usually being the key word.